321 GO Remix: Northeast Rail Evolution

321 GO Remix: Northeast Rail Evolution

Christmas Village Accessories

Christmas villages make wonderful and beautiful hobbies, and home decorations. Some people take their love for Christmas to a whole new level with the addition of Christmas villages, and if you are planning to take up this collecting idea it will take more than just a few houses to make the villages complete!

RC Boats Are A Fun And Relatively Inexpensive Way To Scratch Your Nautical Itch

If you have always wanted to own a speedboat but despair of ever squirreling away enough money to buy one, a viable substitute exists in RC boats. For those whose dream of freedom and adventure is nautical in nature, RC boats and ships offer an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get your feet wet. Depending on the model, they can be operated in everything from pools and ponds to large lakes, rivers and streams.

Arrowhead Collecting

Arrowheads have been used by Native Americans and other ancient cultures for thousands of years. Also known as “spearheads”, they were a vital tool that allowed hunters have an effective weapon.

How to Buy Inexpensive Rare Coins

Many people are under the misconception that all rare coins will be extremely expensive. This is not strictly true. Since coins are graded and valued using more than one criterion, it is possible to get many ancient coins at a reasonable price. If you understand how coins are priced, you can use this information to obtain rare coins that may add to your collection, but may not be a high priority of other collectors.

Model Airplane Building Isn’t Just for Kids

Building and flying model airplanes can be a great hobby for the whole family. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids, and their parents, busy during the winter months ahead, why not give this interesting hobby a try?

Making Mountains For a Model Railroad

When you first start working on your model rail scenery the first thing that you have to start doing is making mountains for the model railroad as well as all of the other bits of the landscape, or terrain. Here I will explain three different ways for making mountains.

In Model Railroading Terms: What Is Benchwork?

What is benchwork and how is it used in the model railroading world. The term used by hobbyists is benchwork this is the foundation for your railroad. Benchwork supports everything about your railroad including tracks, towns, rivers, mountains, trees and rail yards.

Using A Guide to Help With Sewing Machine Repairs

A sewing machine is a handy instrument to have in any home. Not only can you use it to design your own clothes, they are very helpful at repairing ripped hems and torn clothing. However like any other tool, there is always a chance of a breakdown of the machine, which will require consequent sewing machine repairs.

Sewing With Linen

As you learn to sew, you may become interested in learning about using different fabrics for different purposes. Linen is a very popular fabric which is relatively inexpensive, easy to work with, and can be used in a wide variety of projects. This article provides you with some of the key things you need to know about working with linen.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine – Three Tips For A Top Embroidery Job

Machine Embroidery for the home hobbyist has become a lot more popular since home embroidery machines entered the marketplace in the late 1990’s. Today, one can even purchase a combined embroidery and sewing machine. However, if you want to take your embroidering to a new level, it is really better to purchase a dedicated home embroidery machine such as the Brother PE770. To achieve the best result when embroidering, you should follow these three tips.