4K – Sri Lanka Railways Smooth Train Braking at Nanu Oya Railway Station

4K - Sri Lanka Railways Smooth Train Braking at Nanu Oya Railway Station

Model Trains: Train Types Enthusiasts Have To Choose From

Building model trains is relaxing; this is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Think about the collecting aspect of the hobby. This is similar to collecting baseball cards, coins or any other hobby. If you decide to build a permanent layout, scenery and buildings can be built. Most electric trains are not thrown away items. These are built to last and handed down from generation to generation.

Lighted Wine Bottles for Any Occasion

You can personalize lighted wine bottles for special occasion gifts like birthdays, anniversaries or showers, just to name a few things. Hit the Dollar Stores and pick up some stickers for the bottles, then add some lights and ribbon.

The Controversial Franklin Half Dollar

The Franklin Half Dollar was a United States coin series produced between 1948 and 1963. Certain aspects of the design and release were controversial with the public.

Mason Jar Koozie Ideas

Mason jars aren’t especially made for drinking out of, but they’re gaining in popularity to use as drinking mugs, home decor and party favors. One of the best ways to decorate them is with a mason jar koozie, especially for protecting your hands from very hot drinks or as a coaster for iced drinks that sweat.

Simple and Economical Emergency Candle Making

Emergency Candles do not need to be expensive. By making them at home with what you have around the house you can save money and become prepared for when the lights go out.

How to Make a Valentines Wreath

Designing something special for your loved one(s) or for your home or office? We make it easy for you to create your own decor this 2014 season. Valentine’s day is known for love. Cupid and candy are staple for this very special holiday but nothing says love more than a hand made gift. How do we make hand made wreaths?

Mason Jar Favors – 5 Creative Ideas for Weddings and Parties or Any Event

If you’re planning a country style, rustic or vintage theme wedding, mason jar favors are a hot new trend that are being seen at a lot of weddings. Perfect for using as wedding favors, wedding decor or centerpieces, mason jars are a lovely accent to your theme that everyone will appreciate.

Coins – The Lincoln Cent Enduring Over 100 Years

The Lincoln Cent design has endured over 100 years going through several reverse side changes. First designed in 1909 by Victor D Brenner, a very talented US Mint engraver, the coin changed in 1959, again in 2009, and most recently 2010. The Lincoln Cent is the longest running coin in US history.

How to Screen Print Your Own Bed Linen

Screen printing is a terrific, flexible craft to do at home. If you have a dark room for developing the print and a good workspace that you don’t mind getting a little messy, you can easily learn to screen print and create beautiful decorated fabric for use throughout your home.

Three Different 1878 Morgan Silver Dollars Minted in 1878

The 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar was struck three times in the same year. Why? Due to errors found in the reverse bald eagle’s tail feathers these coins, through trying to correct the error, ended with three different varieties. Value to coin collectors will depend on which variety you possess and the condition of the coin. Brilliant Uncirculated or proof coins are the most valuable and will bring the highest prices.