4K UHD – Waving another Rail Fan in Sri Lanka Railways

4K UHD - Waving another Rail Fan in Sri Lanka Railways

How to Make a Surf Bracelet Using Beads And Leather Cord

Surf style bracelets are really popular with both men and women, because they are comfortable, eye-catching and hard-wearing. Although they are available in surf-shops and from major surf brands, many people prefer to make their own, because customized jewelry feels more natural to them.

Finding the French Connection in Your Traditional Limoges Boxes

Want to flaunt your dainty porcelain boxes a la the beautiful noble damsels in the early 19th century? Think authentic Limoges boxes.

Where to Find Help in Learning How to Crochet

Where can crochet beginners go for help? There are many options. Those who can afford or at least are willing to invest in a crochet-for-beginners book will do good making such a purchase. These books are generally informative and will answer many questions that a crochet beginner might not have thought to ask. It will be the path of least frustration.

Why Are Handmade Candles a Better Choice?

Candles can be the perfect way to add to the ambiance of your home; they are versatile and they produce the desired lighting that simply can never be replicated by traditional light bulbs. There is something truly romantic, relaxing and soothing about candle lighting, and this has made candles one of the most coveted home accent products across the globe for many decades.

How to Make Your Own Venetian Mask

Venetian masks can be used during many occasions and are easily found in many costume stores. But if you have a creative instinct of your own, why not consider personalizing your mask by making one on your own? By decorating your own mask, you can customize it in a way that it perfectly complements your home or your outfit depending on its eventual function.

Best Markets to Buy Venetian Masquerade Masks

A mix of low-end trinket stores and middle-market to-upscale boutiques line the narrow zigzagging streets of tourist towns and cities all over the world. If you are looking to buy masks especially, you will find that they can be easily found among many cultures.

DIY Holiday Crafts

The holiday season brings great opportunity for DIY arts and crafts! But with people’s busy schedules, crafting can be a nonessential time suck. Crafting printables can make things a lot easier for the craft lover with no time. This season try holiday printables to make your crafting easier and less time consuming.

4 Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids

Quick and easy craft ideas that even the youngest members of the household can help with! We have crafts, decorations, and recipes.

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

If you are planning a wedding, you already know how important it is to select he right invitations and envelopes. To break it down even more, the envelopes are what will make that important first impression, and reflect the overall tone of your taste.

Real Wampum (Vs Shell Jewelry)

Many items are sold today that are called wampum, but, in fact, they are only Quahog shells or shell jewelry. Most I’ve seen are attractive and well made, but they are NOT “wampum”. Wampum is specifically the small, cylindrical beads made from Quahog or Whelk shell.