4th Annual Halloween Bash Model Car and Truck show and contest

4th Annual Halloween Bash Model Car and Truck show and contest

Learn to Sell Your Crafts at the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival

If you’re looking to start making a living off of your arts and crafts, then you’ll want to check out the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival this March. While registration to be a seller may be over, it’s a great opportunity to start preparing for October and November’s shows. There’s a lot that you can learn by walking the show early and staying at a nearby Albuquerque lodging. You’ll want to ask other artists for advice about the show and get a good feel for the community. It is never too early to start building a solid social network from which to base your craft business, so get out there and learn the art of craft shows! With the tips we’ve compiled you’ll be better prepared for your business venture into craft selling.

Nickel Plating Kit for the Home

Nickel plating kits and electroplating kits can use any number of base metals in order to plate and give finish to these materials. Choosing the correct plating kit for nickel plating after defining which base metal to plate is the next step for the home, hobby or small business company that wishes to use plating as a method of repair, restoration or decoration. These kits are perfect for use by vintage car enthusiasts, model hobbyists, jewelry dealers, antique dealers, clock makers or gun smiths.

A Power System for a Piper Cub RC Model Airplane

Which electric power system would be best for a six foot (2 m) wing span Piper Cub? Not as hard as it looks.

Glues Needed To Build Dolls House Kits and Miniature Furniture

When you first open your dollhouse kit, the assembly process can seem daunting. The first thing to do is to gather all of the supplies you’ll need, and one of the most important supplies to build dolls house kits is glue. Most dollhouse kits are meant to be assembled with glue.

Model Trains – Building a Landscape

In order to start building a landscape for your model train to journey around in, you need to make sure that you get a few basics right. By doing this you will have a great time in building a landscape for your model trains.

Hat Knitting Patterns

So you want to design your own hat knitting pattern. You have learned from the experiences and instructions shared by other experienced knitters. You have also worked with different patterns and designs.

Kollage Yarns: Simply Beautiful

Knitting and crocheting have been around for centuries and many items such as sweaters, tops, hats, scarves, booties, blankets, pillow covers, table covers are just a few named items that have been produced by hand. Initially just cotton, wool or silk was the materials used but today there are newer, more innovative yarns available. Kollage Yarn is relatively a new item and its popularity has grown tremendously since its introduction, and continues to grow everyday.

Knitting Needle Basics

If you’re just starting off in knitting or crochet it’s going to be very similar to learning a new language, but you might find it really difficult to pick up at first. There are some basics that you should consider and also there are also some fundamentals that you are going to be very crucial if you want to be efficient as possible with you new hobby!

Model Train Benchwork – What It Is and Why It Is Important

Many years ago when I decided to build my first model railroad layout, I never even heard of the term model train benchwork. About 3 months into the project I wished I did.

Knitting Patterns for Babies

So you’re a new parent! Congratulations! Food, shelter and clothing are among the many things that you should consider when you’re a new parent, your main concerns probably revolving around food, clothing and shelter. As far as clothing is concerned there’s nothing more satisfying producing your own beautiful apparel pieces for your child.