A Day in Jim Thorpe ft. Reading T-1 2102/R&N 425 Doubleheader & EMD F7’s

A Day in Jim Thorpe ft. Reading T-1 2102/R&N 425 Doubleheader & EMD F7's

The Art Of Indian Handicrafts

India is well-known for its rich heritage and amazing culture. The artisans of India are famous for carving attractive pieces of art. Indian handicrafts are the most beautiful work of art as these attractive pieces are created by hand.

Digital Backdrops Can Give Any Picture A Facelift

Picture a scene where you’ve just managed to get a photograph of one of your kids striking a pose or pulling a face that is pretty much a one-in-a-million moment. You copy it over to your computer to see how well it turned out and the first thing that strikes you about the image is the background and how it takes away from that prized photo you’ve just taken. Now it could be something silly like a pet photo bombing the scene or maybe there’s a television on in the background but either way it’s taking away from what should be the focus of the photograph – your child.

Making the Crochet Popcorn Stitch

Although the popcorn stitch is fairly simple to make, it is not recommended for crochet beginners or even advanced beginners. It is introduced at the intermediate level when the basics of crocheting have already been mastered.

How to Read the Top Section of a Crochet Pattern

Although the top section of a crochet pattern is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, there are nevertheless a few things that might be a bit confusing for someone who is just learning how to crochet. These include the details such as the gauge and the skill level. Knowing and understanding those terms can help save a lot of time and frustration in the end.

Sell At Arts And Crafts Shows

Arrive early to prepare your booth. You do need to be prepared for those customers who also like to start early and get the ‘best’ art piece or the ‘best’ craft item regardless of cost. Vendors are also customers and an early setup allows them time to shop before returning to man their booths. It is easy to sell at arts and crafts shows if you follow good business rules and salesmanship.

Amazing Handicrafts Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well-known for its serene and beautiful deserts and cities, but another attractive thing that comes to mind when you think of Rajasthan is its stunning and mesmerizing handicrafts. Their heritage and colorful culture are directly reflected in their handicrafts and that is what makes their handicrafts different and more exquisite than many others.

Beware Of Counterfeit Coins

Counterfeit coins or coin forgeries are an inescapable reality in the numismatic marketplace, mainly with ancient coins, and now, with contemporary coins as well. So, how does an individual save himself from purchasing a counterfeit coin?

Great Reasons to Begin Your Coin Collection

With so many hobbies that you can choose to pursue, you can’t help but get hooked with coin collecting. Not a lot of people will easily understand this kind of choice. It may not look as exciting as collecting other things like toys or comic books, but this can actually lead to a profitable venture if you will do your assignment diligently.

Basic Tools You Need for Your Coin Collection

In order to get good at anything or at any ventures, you have to be equipped with the right tools and information. The same rule applies in collecting coins. It will help if you know what you are getting into before you begin accumulating coins. This way, you won’t get frustrated as you go along with it.

A Fun DIY Photo Album From a D-Ring Binder

Traditional bound photo albums can be prohibitively expensive. For a much simpler solution, reach for a three ring binder and set aside an afternoon to place photos. For making a photo album from a plain D ring binder, you have three options.