ALCO Double Header!!!

ALCO Double Header!!!

Crochet Skill Level – Advanced Beginner or Easy

The second crochet skill level is the advanced beginner level, also known as easy. This level basically helps you to master all the basic stitches, and often requires that you combine them in short pattern sequences. Once you have mastered the basics, the pattern sequences will come natural to you.

How to Crochet A Hooded Scarf

There are several easy ways for you to crochet a hooded scarf. You can either work the hood directly into the scarf, or make the scarf and hood in two pieces and then sew them together afterwards. Either way you make it, the hooded scarf is sure to keep you warm when the cold weather strikes.

Monster RC Trucks: Tame The Beast

Of all the different kinds of radio-controlled model out there, monster RC trucks are surely some of the most impressive. As scale models of the real thing, these little machines share many of the rugged, go-anywhere qualities of their full-size brethren. Vast numbers of people around the globe adore monster trucks, and so it is hardly surprising that they are popular in model form as well.

Website Review: J-Aircraft

Do you love Japanese airplanes and need to do some research for a scale project? This website is a gem.

How Computerized Sewing Machines Are So Easy to Use

Sewing is a hobby and profession as old as humanity. As long as there have been clothes, there’s been sewing to make them. As our society has grown, so have the techniques, and now we have machines to automate the sewing process. The latest types of sewing machines are even easier to use than before.

Take Off From the Ground Like a Pro

Takeoffs getting you down? Here are some tips for getting that flight off to a great start.

At Home Jewelry – Market Your Passion For Profit

Many women enjoy doing crafts in the comfort of their own home and some recognize an opportunity to make money doing something they love. Few actually act on their instinct and are always left to wonder what could have been. Don’t let this be you.

Quick and Easy Model Airplane Sizing

How big of an electric motor do you need to power a six foot (1.8m) Piper Cub model? Finding the answer is easy!

How To Assemble Metal Picture Frames

Joining and assembling metal picture frames can be fun and rewarding when you know how. Explore the two common types of aluminium picture frames, side-loading and back-loading and understand how to frame your pictures using metal frames.

Lego Sets For Girls

Traditionally, Lego building blocks were targeted mainly for boys: Trucks & Cars, Trains &Buses, Cops & Robbers, and the list goes on with stereotypical interest for boys. It was only time that the 80 year old brick manufacturing company would come out with what looks like “girl-Lego’s” or as they’re branded: Lego Friends.