An evening of railfaning at Oakwood Heights

An evening of railfaning at Oakwood Heights

The Benefits of Toy Rockets

Aside from it being a potential educational toy to kids, toy rockets also make for great collectibles. If you are a toy collector looking to expand your collection by adding another category in your lot, then you should absolutely consider toy rockets and air crafts.

The Toy Collector: What Makes a Good One?

Toy collecting is indeed a great hobby that can help anyone spend their spare time in a valuable way. However, besides the fact that one would need to spend time and effort in order to find fulfillment from this hobby, adding to and completing a collection is not entirely easy. You may need to exhaust all your resources and connections just to get the best collectibles out there.

Vintage Board Games Sales: Things That You Should Know

Lots of toy collectors gain interest in adding vintage board games into their collection. However, some may find it difficult to get a set that has the complete set of pieces. This makes vintage board games of really high value.

Tips on Model Car Collecting

Toy car collecting is specifically challenging. You see, there are so many car models that have been released through the years and finding a model for each can be overwhelming. To start with model toy car collecting easily, you may go for a specific model style or type that is of significant value to you. For instance, if you are a fan of muscle cars (as influenced probably by your Dad or grandfather), then you can start collecting its models.

Preparing for a Toy Auction

Toy auctions make for a fun and exciting place to find the best collectibles that you can add to your toy collection. If you are a toy collector or a toy seller, you need to prepare for a toy auction. This will enhance your chances of getting the most valuable finds offered in the auction. While auctions and sales can be the best place to find your treasure, it can also be a place where you can easily lose your mind.

Getting a Toy Garage for Your Toy Collection

A toy garage is not exclusive to toy cars. Basically, a toy garage is a room or a place in your home where you have your toy collection sheltered. If your collection is already too big that it has already outgrew the petty shelf in your room, then now is probably the best time to move them to someplace bigger. However, before doing the move, there are various considerations that you should think about first.

Flip Flops With Flowers And Other Decorations

Making your own flip flops with flowers is pretty simple. Just follow this easy steps and soon your friends will be asking you to decorate flip flops for them!

Minor Sewing Machine Repairs You Can Do At Home

Most problems associated with sewing machines can be resolved with basic maintenance and minor machine repairs. So don’t worry if your machine gives loud and terrifying noises, or seizes on a frequent basis; the cause for all this is generally something you can repair on your own.

Buying Glass Beads

Of all the beads available, glass beads are one of the most popular. Lots of jewelry makers have been buying glass beads for years to make their jewelry. Others use glass beads to decorate with.

Creating Wall Art in Photoshop

Decorating your home can be a little pricey but you can save yourself some money on the wall art by creating your own. There are several options available today to make edgy wall art. You can have your photo printed onto canvas and block-mounted or have it printed and framed. All you really need is an interesting photo and some time to play around in Photoshop.