August CSX River & NS Lehigh Line Trains on VHS

August CSX River & NS Lehigh Line Trains on VHS

Homemade Gifts for Men: Creating a Tissue Paper Photo Globe

Directions on building a tissue photo globe which is a unique, but a simple homemade gift for men. This project is fun and easy to create, but holds lots of sentimental value which make it an excellent Father’s day craft.

Paper Craft Ideas for Families Who Are Busy

Do you love doing crafts with your family, but you just can’t find the time anymore? Here are a few simple but incredibly fun crafts that everyone in your family will be able to enjoy.

Brother Sewing Machines: Convenience You Can Trust

When you purchase a Brother sewing machine you know that you are getting a quality product with a reasonable price tag. Brother International Corporation is one of the leaders when it comes to products for the home or the office.

Model Train Layouts – Getting Started

For weeks, you have been struggling to come up with new ideas about a hobby or past time that can bring your family together. After much brainstorming and failed attempts, you finally decide to get started setting up some model train layouts with your family. Starting is definitely the most difficult process in building model train layouts. For starters, try going to a local library or book shop to obtain some books about how to get started. You can also try outsourcing informational videos for your family to watch. This is a great way to bring the family closer. You’ll find that the more knowledge you obtain, you’ll have a clearer picture of how to build a model train layout.

Cricut Lite Cartridges

If you are a craft enthusiast, you have probably heard of Cricut Lite Cartridges already. And with the growing popularity of scrap booking, it becomes a very popular brand in the world of crafts. Whether it is for commercial purpose or personal hobby, one is guaranteed to succeed in making an artistic piece through the use of devices like Cricut Lite Cartridges.

What Can You Do With Your Heirloom Fur Coat?

Do you have a special fur coat that belonged to your mother or grandmother? Is it just hanging in your closet because you won’t wear it? I have a wonderful idea for you, have it made into one or more Heirloom Teddy Bears for you to share with your family. You will love the looks on your siblings faces when they receive such a wonderful memento.

5 Reasons You Should Make Your Own Cards

Making your own greeting cards is a fun and rewarding way to build closer connections with your friends and loved ones because of the unique personal touch. An off-the-shelf card just can’t match all the benefits of making your own cards.

Home Appliance Maintenance – Some Pointers To Keep Your Brother SE400 In Good Order

In today’s throwaway society, it is so easy to neglect our electronic gadgets. It’s also tempting to put our home appliances into that same category – especially when it comes to maintenance. A sewing or embroidery machine such as the Brother SE400 is not actually an electronic device. Because it has moving parts it is not sealed like a digital camera or smart phone. Such a machine is classed as “electro-mechanical” and as such requires regular maintenance – unlike a mobile phone or digital camera. Following are some pointers regarding safety precautions and regular maintenance of your sewing or embroidery machine. The same helpful hints are likely to apply to many of your home appliances in one form or other.

Model Train Interest

Learn in the privacy of your home how to build model trains with its train tracks and scenery and much more. Any one with a model train interest and wishing to set up model trains with its scenery and props will enjoy pursuing this hobby. This is an activity which every member in the family can participate and contribute to a wonderful family leisure activity experience.

Choosing the Right Nickel Plating Kit

Nickel electroplating is something that can be done in the comfort and safety of your own home and can be used to deposit fine layers of metal over a conductive object. This craft can be used on clock pieces, models, jewelry, watches and automotive as well as small to medium motorcycle parts.