Autumn 2022 Highlights ft. NS 8104, CSX Military Train, NJT 4101 “Bluebird” & More

Autumn 2022 Highlights ft. NS 8104, CSX Military Train, NJT 4101 "Bluebird" & More

Save Yourself Time and Money With These 15 Sewing Tips

Remembering back to the days when I began developing a genuine interest in the craft of sewing brings great memories to mind. I remember making my first sweater for my grandmother, which brought great joy to me every time she wore it. I became lost (not in a bad way) in the world of sewing; but the most compelling element was looking for techniques to save myself time and money as I perfected my craft.

Preserve Your Sewing Machine Equipment With The Right Sewing Machine Table

I know that you might not want to spend any extra money for a sewing machine table when you can use another table or stand that you already own; but to all of my fellow crafters, a sewing machine table is a gift from the Gods. These tables are tailored for anyone who is slightly interested in the craft of sewing. It will help you to keep all of your sewing equipment and accessories neatly organized allowing you to know exactly where things are for future projects.

Copper Penny Hand Sorting: Sounds Odd, But It’s Growing

Copper penny sorting illustrates the toll inflation has taken. Back in the olden days, dimes, quarters and halves were made of silver. High silver prices put an end to that. You’d think inflation couldn’t get any worse, but it has. Now, copper pennies are well above their intrinsic value too. These high copper prices have taken old pennies from the realm of coin collecting to bullion hoarding. There’s a growing and thriving underground of copper penny hoarders. The hobby even got the notice of ABC’s Nightline last December 2nd.

How To Make a Corset Closed Fronted

When sewing a corset you have a choice as to how you want the front panels: You can have a closure like the traditional busk (loops and nobs attached to steel bones) or laces which makes your corset front opening. Or you can choose to make your corset with the front closed which is less convenient to put on but makes for a dressier garment eg a wedding dress or a prom gown would be front closed. This article explains how to take the front pattern piece and use it to create the closed front.

The Blade 120 SR RC Helicopter Has The Performance To Make It An Excellent Choice For Beginners

As far as RC helicopters go, the Blade 120 SR is a micro helicopter that weighs in at around 4 ounces and may be used both indoors and out. This is just one of the several models that are produced under the Blade name and it shares many characteristics with its smaller sibling, the Blade mSR, which only weighs around one once and is almost too light to be used outdoors.

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Craft projects with our kids has simply always been a part of our lives, and as our kids are growing up we have spent a lot of quality time teaching our kids how to use their imagination to bring out the budding artist and crafter within. Our super easy and fun to make St. Patrick’s Day Mobile was great fun for the kids and took no time at all to make. Most parents already have all of the materials and supplies required.

Indoor RC Model Airplane Connector Madness

Right now designing an indoor model airplane is a frustrating experience. It does not have to be that way.

Flying a Radio Control Scale Airplane

When you are flying a scale model aircraft, it is most important to try to be realistic. Very realistic. You have to imagine that someone is actually in the aircraft so that the manoeuvres are scale-like and survivable.

Melting Point for Candle Making Waxes – The Big Three!

There are many different kinds of wax that can be used for candlemaking, each with their own unique characteristics. What are generally considered to be the three main wax types used in candle making are outlined below: Paraffin Wax, which is a by product made during the creation of crude oil, is one of the most popular and readily available types of wax. Paraffin wax is often graded by its melting point: low melting point paraffin can melt at around 55ºC and is very soft which makes it unsuitable for moulded and carved candles.

Getting Started Flying Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

Thinking of getting into the hobby? Use this guide to start off on the right foot when learning to fly radio controlled airplanes.