Bachmann Spencer Running Demo

Bachmann Spencer Running Demo

Making Your Own Perfume – Is It Worth The Bother?

The right perfume can set the perfect feel good state of mind or romantic ambience for just about everyone. By creating your own blends, you get to decide the perfume ingredients that you in it. Perfume making is one of the best fun hobbies that can actually make you some big bucks if you turn it into a business.

RC Electric Boats: Destroyers, Racers And Yachts

You do not seem to hear about RC electric boats as often as you do model airplanes or cars, but they can offer the avid modeler a really interesting way to spend time. Obviously, enjoying model boats to their fullest requires having a convenient source of still water nearby. A large swimming pool or pond can work well in some instances, but some people prefer to find something larger still, like a local lake or reservoir.

RC Airplanes: What Sort Of Modeler Are You?

Experienced modelers know that RC airplanes come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. In fact, different models are designed for different kinds of people. It is not just that there are different styles or eras of aircraft from which to choose. Many of the models are intended for either casual or highly dedicated modelers, and choosing the wrong one might result in you wasting a lot of money and failing to enjoy the experience.

Bird Feeder Plans Help To Bring Life To Your Yard

If you are a nature lover or if you love watching birds, then you need bird feeder plans so you can watch the birds in your yard as they eat after you’ve built your bird feeder. In this article you will learn a few things about bird feeder plans and attracting birds to your home.

RC Airplanes and Other Radio Controlled Vehicles Make Unique Gifts for Any and All Occasions

Even if your youngster has never asked for an RC airplane or other radio controlled vehicle–very unlikely indeed!–you may want to consider one the next time a gift-giving opportunity rolls around. Children of all ages love flying and/or driving RC models, whether toy, hobby grade or both, and everyone enjoys the opportunities they provide for fun interaction with family and friends. RC aircraft, cars, trucks and boats are available in a wide variety of price ranges, with one sure to fit most any budget, and the product quality and options as to types, skill level required, shapes and sizes has never been greater. Introduce your son, daughter, grandchild or other relative to the world of RC soon and be sure to include yourself in the fun!

How Digital Model Railways Have Changed The Face Of Model Railroading For The Better

The new age of model trains is totally centered on having digital model railways. The digital age is about having the minimum amount of wiring but without sacrificing control. As the digital aspects have improved you can now send most of your control signals directly down the track railing to other features like turntables, turnouts, and cranes. DCC (Digital Command Control) operation also allows for some fantastic sounds effects like train horns, whistles, engine sounds, screeching brakes and more.

Top 10 Influences on the Value of a Second Hand Book

As a second hand bookstore operator I often get asked to value a book. In most cases, the book in question isn’t worth much more than $10 or $20 and I watch as a wave of disappointment creeps across the customer’s face. This disappointment generally stems from the common misconception that if a book is old it must be worth something. This is a complete falsehood. Whilst age can contribute to the value of a book, the most important indicator of a book’s value is its rarity. For a book to be considered rare it must be more than scarce. It must be scarce relative to the demand for it. This article looks at what makes a book rare and therefore what influences a book’s value.

DCC Sound Locos Are A Wonderful Addition To A Realistic Model Railway Layout

To have DCC sound locos you have to have sound decoders within your layout. Sound decoders have evolved over the years and now offer a wide range of sounds that are compatible and interactive with your layout. Using programmable software that allows you to decode sounds on your computer can be communicated to your DCC controller and then used on your train layout. Read more.

Toy Collecting Info: Knowledge and Ideas to Get You Started

There is a set of standards that you should meet in order to be called a toy collector. Good thing, there is also a set of different tips that you can follow and consider in order to get started with toy collecting successfully.

Going About Collecting Toy Guns

Collecting toy guns can be as fulfilling and satisfying as collecting other kinds of toys such as action figures. However, for you to find the fulfillment that you want to find, you need to have a personal attachment to the focus of your collection. Thus, if you fancied toy guns when you were young, starting your toy collection by collecting toy guns is a good decision.