Big Change to the Channel… ;)

Big Change to the Channel… ;)

Making Your Own Beading Patterns

Did you know that you can make your own beading patterns? In fact it is this versatility that makes beadwork so popular. You can create unique pieces of jewelry to wear with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you won’t meet someone else wearing the same piece.

Tools You Will Need When Using Beading Patterns

When working on beading patterns there are certain tools you will need on every project and some that are only required when working with specific materials. Obviously every project will require a certain amount of beads. The type you choose to work with will depend on your personal preference or the pattern you are working on.

Beading Patterns For The Novice Beader

Beading patterns designed for new beaders are a great way to build your confidence. As you complete the basic projects, your skills and confidence will increase and you will soon be tackling those patterns you previously avoided.

Christmas Craft Ideas

When people think about Christmas craft ideas they often think about making cards or decorations for the tree. These are good ideas but crafts can involve so much more than that. You could cook some holiday inspired treats such as making chocolate mints for presents or some old fashioned Christmas cakes for the big day.

Use Christmas Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom This Season

Christmas craft ideas can help add a special welcoming touch to your guest bedroom this season. Holidays are a time for families to spend quality time together and this often means that people travel to stay with friends and relatives. It can be exciting getting your home ready for your relatives and adding special touches to their bedroom will make them feel more welcome.

Christmas Craft Ideas Will Require Basic Equipment

If you like the idea of getting your children involved in making Christmas craft ideas, you will need some basic equipment. The first item you should buy is a cutting board to help protect your kitchen or dining room table from damage. You can use plain cork board but a professional cutting board will be marked with Imperial and metric measurements making the actual cutting out of patterns much easier.

Use Christmas Craft Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Room Table

You can use Christmas craft ideas to decorate your dining room table for the holiday season. You will find a range of beautiful fabrics in your local shops. There is something magical about spending time choosing the material, cutting out the patterns for the tablecloth and accessories and then sewing everything up.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Your Living Room

Use Christmas craft ideas to make your living room looks sensational this year. Usually the living room is where the Christmas tree is placed and so it’s important that the decorations are done properly.

Make a Fantastic First Impression With Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft ideas can help ensure that your guests have a fantastic first impression when they enter your home. If you decorate your front door with a Christmas wreath it helps to set the scene. When you open the door, this theme should be carried on throughout your home starting with a floral garland in your hallway.

Don’t Forget St Nicholas When Planning Your Christmas Craft Ideas

When planning your Christmas craft ideas, don’t forget St Nicholas or Father Christmas as he is better known. St Nicholas was a real person who used to wander the streets giving what he could to the poor. He was a bishop in the 5th century so it is very hard to know what is the truth and what is legend about his life but he seems to have been a very kind initial who tried to help those less fortunate members of society.