CHRISTMAS TRAIN LIGHTS!! The Saratoga Corinth & Hudson Railway’s Candy Cane Express!

CHRISTMAS TRAIN LIGHTS!! The Saratoga Corinth & Hudson Railway’s Candy Cane Express!

Beading Lessons – The Best Way To Learn

When you decide to learn something new what do you do? Do you make a run to the library or book store and read thick tomes for weeks? Maybe you ask a knowledgeable friend to show you the ropes or perhaps you just wing it?

The Flexibility of Electric Power for RC Planes

When you use glow power or gasoline in you RC model plane you re restricted as to making power changes. On those systems you can do a little with propeller changes, but that is about it.

Baby Quilt Patterns Are SEW Special

Designing a unique baby quilt is always a challenge for the experience quilter, who is looking for a new and different idea from the usual and typical design in their pattern collection or the novice quilter, who is just beginning to jump into the wonder world of quilting and is looking to find a simple pattern to complete their first project.

Sewing Machine Repairs You Can Do At Home

A sewing machine at home gives you the freedom to repair, design or alter the clothes in a comfortable way. However, when you are working as a seamstress, you need to remain prepared to handle all types of sewing machine repairs as you can easily return back to work within no time.

Beading For Beginners – The Best Way To Learn

With anything in life you have to start somewhere and as Maria in the Sound of Music said let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. Yes when you take on a new hobby you have to start slow and start with the basics.

HO Train Track Explained For Beginners

So you have an interest in starting a new HO scale model train layout. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is what kind of HO train track you are going to be using. This is an important question because once you start with the layout, there really is no going back without starting completely over.

Beading Program – The Better Way to Learn

So, you want to learn how to bead but you don’t know where to begin. Well there are several places to look for the answers that you seek. The key is choosing the one beading program that will get you on the path to jewelry designer extraordinaire.

How To Thread Beads – It’s Fun and Easy

What woman doesn’t love jewelry? A little bling and your outfit becomes complete. But, what if you could make it yourself? Not only will you save money, but you will be able to complement everything you own and anything you have yet to add to your wardrobe.

Tips On Making Pottery With Your Own Kiln

Whether you have your own pottery, glass or ceramics business, or you are just passionate about making pottery, it is vital that you possess your own kiln. A ceramic kiln has been an integral part of a pottery artistic process for centuries.

Nailing Your Model Airplane Landings

Don’t end a great flight with a bad landing. There is hope!