C&O #475 Heads Out For The Day at Adirondack Live Steamers!

C&O #475 Heads Out For The Day at Adirondack Live Steamers!

Birdhouses – A Look From the Inside

Pretend you are a mother bird. What do you look for when you go to visit your new home?

Advanced Techniques For The Knitting Expert

To me, it is a constant source of amazement that the new stitches coming out in the home knitter’s world and some of us (unfortunately, not all of us) take the time to learn if and when we have the opportunity. In order to keep on top of my knitting projects, I try to learn new stitches as soon as possible.

Model Trains: Learn To Do Them Right

Model Train Railroads is a great hobby, When your first starting out its best to avoid mistakes by save time and money. There is many things to consider, budget, size, train scale and other factors in building your train model.

Medal of Honor Challenge Coin Represents Many Qualities

As a way of honoring true heroes, the Medal of Honor challenge coin stands for courage, service and sacrifice. As a way of showing the gratitude of many for the high standard of values held by members of the military, these coins are given.

New Advanced Techniques and Stitches When Home Crocheting

Have you ever had someone in your home look at your finished home crocheted project and mistake the work as knitting? To me, this is the most frustrating thing- when someone who claims to know about crafts does not know the difference between knitting and crocheting! I could understand that dilemma if you use the Tunisian knit stitch when you crochet your finished project because this particular stitch does look like knitting even though you are only crocheting!

How to Get Started in Oil-Painted Handmade Birthday Cards

The history of oil paints goes back to ancient times when men endeavoured to catch his world and experiences in paint. This piece of writing looks at some of the equipment that is essential by artists in order to begin in the oil painting of gorgeous birthday cards.

American or UK/International Crochet Terminology

So your pattern calls for you to do a double crochet stitch, but which double crochet stitch do you do? A short guide on how to decide if your pattern is using American crochet terminology or UK/ International terminology. The clues are in the pattern!

Designing a Fun Scrap Book Page

This article will introduce you on how to get started on the basic foundation of designing your own scrap book page and have fun while doing it. It is one of the most easiest ways of expressing yourself.

Sewing With Lace For A Heirloom Look

Sewing with lace requires some practice, but the sewing techniques aren’t all that difficult. If you’re designing a wedding dress or getting ready to tackle one of the lacy heirloom quilt patterns, there are a few fundamental steps that you need to know. The first step is to buy quality laces.

Learning The Craft

In my hometown, the natives of the land and the Malays would usually engage in trading and sell goods that are considered homegrown in their respective places. This is made possible because it would only take a ferry-ride to reach their destination. Hence, the bartering of goods usually happens on the shore; and, most of the time these goods would include textiles. They were not just ordinary textiles, though. They were first class cloths interwoven by the very hands of man. And I really love the texture of the cloths so every time I needed to have a dress sewn for an occasion I bought textiles from the barter.