Demolition of the Deauville, Miami Beach, FL (11/13/2022)

Demolition of the Deauville, Miami Beach, FL (11/13/2022)

Beading How To – Finding Inspiration

Read any craft instructional manual and one of the first things on the list of must have supplies is inspiration. That should be an easy one to check-off, but it is often the hardest. Uncovering the secrets of any beading how to book, video or magazine implies that the reader knows what inspiration is and where to find it.

Beading Techniques – A History of Savvy Stitches

For most of our first image of beads or beading is not in grandma’s jewelry box but in our social studies books at school. While learning the vivid history of our country we are bombarded with images of Native Americans with elaborately beaded leather clothes, the use of beads as currency and knots used as ledgers.

Jewelry Making – Beaded Bridal Projects

Picture it. Your best gal pal is getting married and she has chosen you her jewelry making friend to design her wedding day baubles. A simple pearl necklace and drop earrings perhaps, but this job is much more than that.

Easy Beaded Jewelry – Creative Color Combos

When it comes to making easy beaded jewelry one of the most common quandaries is what colors look good together and what ones spell disaster. A lot of people think the answers are found by trial and error, but there are better ways than that.

Yarn Review of Bernat Satin

Bernat satin is a beautiful yarn that not only is fun and easy to work with, but it is also very beautiful once it is worked up. The yarn is a medium weight, which helps to contribute to a soft and drapeable fabric.

Blending Perfumes: For An Exclusive You

It is good to have a hobby that you are passionate about but it is even better to have a hobby that can generate a little extra cash. Developing your own brand of perfumes is a rewarding experience and it does not take a lot to get started.

How to Make a Revolving Art Display for Your Kids

Is your fridge plastered with cute little drawings and A+ papers from your children? My oldest son is always wanting to draw something and hang it up somewhere. He would tape them all to his bedroom walls if I would let him.

Pick and Choose Your Silk Flower Carefully

Pick and choose carefully the flowers you are buying for your next silk floral arrangement. Silk flowers for any floral arrangement can come from any where.

Modifications That You Can Do to RC Trucks

Nowadays most people own RC trucks. You may also be one of them. Have you ever thought of modifying it to improve the performance or appearance of it? Let’s discuss about the modifications that you can do to your RC truck.

Washing And Blocking Home Knitted Items/Garments

When blocking blouses and sweaters, how do you block them? There must be a way so that these cherished home knitted garments/items retain their shape right? Truthfully, most people are aware of how to launder knitted items/garments – believe it or not, the instructions for washing home knitted items is printed right on my automatic washer’s lid!