Demolition of the Deauville, Miami Beach, FL (11/13/2022)

Demolition of the Deauville, Miami Beach, FL (11/13/2022)

How to Pick the Right Beads for Bracelet Design

Designing your own bracelet is a great way to create something that is completely original. In order to do this of course you are going to have to get some beads. This is not that difficult to do since you can use pretty much any charm beads that you like. That being said there are a few guidelines that will make it easier.

Vintage Model Airplane Flying in 1950

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Let us take a look at the flying model hobby from 60 years ago.

Challenge: Fly Just Five Model Airplanes

If you could only own and fly five model airplanes, what would they be? Here are my choices.

Outerzone: 2,500 Free Model Airplane Plans

Title got your attention? This website sure got mine.

Ideas for Making Your Own Crafts

If you have a natural love for making your own crafts, then you might never run out of crafting ideas. But if you are new at it, then you might find yourself struggling from time to time as to what you can make. And the good news is that the Internet is a great resource for crafting ideas as well as for free craft projects that will take you through the process in a step-by-step manner.

Home Decor Craft Ideas for Craft Artists and Designers For The New Millennium

The home decor craft market is still a strong segment in consumer markets. However, now more than ever, consumers need a really great excuse to purchase these kinds of crafts. How to face this challenge?

Website Review: Aerodrome: Aircraft of World War I

Are you in the mood for building a World War I era airplane? Start your research at this website.

Why Buy a Nickel Plating Kit

It’s important to choose the right nickel plating kit for your needs. While there are professional nickel plating companies you can take your old and vintage car parts, motorcycle restoration parts and bicycle parts, these businesses will always work to make the most money possible for their nickel plating services.

A Radio Controlled Quadcopter Design Success Story

Read the story of the design of an original quadcopter. Learn from the mistakes and successes.

How to Make a Corset Belt

If you like the look of corsets but find them restrictive or a little too revealing or even just want a casual alternative, then the corset belt is the perfect choice. With designers such as Louis Vuitton creating new and wonderful versions of the corset belt it’s very on trend to add one to your wardrobe right now and if you want something unique or a bit funky it’s a great idea to make your own!