Denuwara Menike and Colombo Express 1007 Crossing at Pattipola Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Denuwara Menike and Colombo Express 1007 Crossing at Pattipola Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Do You Wash Your Fabric Before Sewing Doll Clothes?

Have you ever wondered if you should prepare your fabric before sewing doll clothes? Should you machine wash and dry it first or should you just start sewing straight away? Well here is the answer to this question.

Ruby Red Sea Glass – Rare Beyond Compare

Just why is red sea glass so rare and so coveted among sea glass collectors? What did these ruby gems come from? What was the source?

Cross Stitch Road Blocks, What’s Holding You Back From Your Favorite Pastime?

There are a number of things that can present as road blocks and hold you back from finishing your project or getting back into the groove of cross stitch. Some of these road blocks are related to intense situations.

The Difference Between Venetian Masquerade Masks and Masks for Italian Theatre

Today, Venetian masks are mostly just fashion accessories that we put on during a masquerade themed party or fancy dress event. Traditionally speaking, these masks come with a rich historical significance especially in Italian theatre where they were used to represent different characters on stage.

The Benefits and Properties of Agate Beads

Agate is nature’s most striped gemstone. Some people swear that wearing it heightens spiritual consciousness and balances the body’s physical and mental state. Agate was valued as a powerful talisman in ancient times, when it was used on the breastplates of armor to give strength and courage. It is also considered to be an excellent stone to heal and improve relationships, and is especially protective for children.

Tools You Will Need to Make a Bottle Lamp

A list of tools and supplies that you will want to have on hand before you begin your bottle lamp making project. Surprisingly, most of the items needed you may already have on hand.

How to Make Your Own Drone

To make a drone you will need a few different items to be able to construct it properly and get the best use out of it. The first thing you will need to start with is an RC plane or any type of RC pane that you can get such as a quadcopter, tricopter, helicopter, or the like. You are able to purchase the RC plane with an autopilot feature already included but they typically do not come with one. Once you have the plan or helicopter, you will need to purchase an autopilot for the device. An autopilot is a device that will allow your UAV to run without anyone controlling it and continue to fly in the sky. You can purchase an autopilot from any store that sells them, typically online. The autopilot will also include software that is built in which allows it to operate as it needs to. This software allows you to designate how you want the UAV to fly and also for how long.

Preparing to Sell Your Crafts at The Market

You are never bored as you love doing different crafts. It is so much fun, even deciding what to do next and whether it be knitted, crocheted or sewn. You spend many hours on this wonderful hobby and have decided now is the time to reap some rewards for your hard work. A friend has suggested you sell your goods at a market. The idea sounds good but a little bit daunting. How do you start to prepare for this?

What Is Felted Soap?

A few things you may not know about Felted Soap. The felted soap is a useful thing to take into the shower or bath tub with you, so why not learn a little more about it.

Model Trains Are Fun for All Ages

Start going to different exhibits that have model trains when you need something to do. You can learn about them and enjoy riding them as well.