Denuwara Menike and Udarata Menike at Badulla Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Denuwara Menike and Udarata Menike at Badulla Railway Station in Sri Lanka

How to Create Your Own Embroidered Patches

Sometimes embroidering directly onto a garment is impractical, impossible or simply ineffective. Creating your own embroidered patches is an easy alternative for these situations. You can directly sew your design into organza fabric rather than a finished garment.

How to Create a Driftwood Candleholder

Step by step tutorial on creating your own beautiful candleholders from driftwood pieces. Three easy and different styles to chose from.

DIY Guide on How to Make Folding Fans

Ever wished you can make DIY folding fans for your wedding, special occasions, or craft projects? Learn from these three (3) steps the tips and tricks on how you can make your own DIY folding fans.

Creating Personalized Stationery Gift Sets: What To Include To Create A Unique Present

If you’re considering giving stationery gift sets as presents, consider adding these pieces for a truly one of a kind present. Read on to learn more about this topic.

The Myths Regarding Personalized Stationery

Before you rule out personalized stationery, learn about and debunk the myths surrounding it. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Putting a Price on Creativity

How do you put a value on what you create? When we create something and want to sell it, what is it worth?

The History of Penny Squares and Other Redwork

Outline embroidery played a significant part in quilting history. It was used in blocks, most commonly penny squares, which were printed muslin pieces selling for one cent each. Outline embroidery designs encompassed many styles and subjects, and many of these old patterns are still available for today’s quilters. In recent years, vintage doilies have been a primary source of outline embroidery for patchwork projects.

Aromatherapy at Home

Aromatherapy has been practiced for hundreds of years without the benefit of the fancy name. Generation after generation of homemakers prided themselves in creating the most fragrant and visually appealing decor to beautify their homes and provide relief for minor ailments, from headache and anxiety to insomnia and soothing cranky babies. I will present just a few wonderful herbal home recipes. They are very easy to make and use things you probably already have around the house (ok, maybe not the orris root – the mix will do just fine without it, but the fragrance will not last as long). Treat yourself to these very affordable indulgences, after all, it’s the little things…

Quilting for Beginners – What Is a Quilt?

Quilting has become a very popular hobby and there are millions of quilters spread around the world. For those who would like to begin quilting, this is a chance to find out more about what is involved in making a patchwork quilt.

How to Recycle Old Clothes

Where to find Used Clothing Short of grubbing about in the rubbish, a good place to find second hand clothes is in your local charity shop, or if you live in the USA, your local thrift store. Another excellent source is local jumble sales and boot sales. The clothes here are often the cheapest and there are many bargains to be had.