Denuwara Menike Crossing Kandy Mixed Train in Sri Lanka Railways

Denuwara Menike Crossing Kandy Mixed Train in Sri Lanka Railways

Machine Embroidery With Metallic and Novelty Threads

If you’ve had much experience with machine embroidery, you are probably familiar with the uniqueness that can be added to basic designs by using fancy fills and innovative motif patterns. But there something far simpler that can add new dimension to your finished embroidery – novelty and enhanced metallic threads.

Easy Tips For Designing A Macrame Bracelet

Ever wanted to be able to create your own necklaces, bracelets & designer bags, but didn’t know how or didn’t have the appropriate resources? You’ve probably experienced this type of problem. Well, macrame design is just what the doctor ordered!

Telling A Story Through Quilting: Then and Now

Everyone has a story. Even if you are not a storyteller, public speaker, or author, don’t be discouraged. Stories can be told in other beautiful and unique ways such as a handcrafted quilt. Most quilts have a story and these types of stories are becoming more popular throughout the world.

Paper Craft Ideas – 4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Paper Quilling

Every wanted to take up paper craft ideas and paper quilling, but didn’t know where to get started? It can be a rather daunting task to have start taking up this wonderful hobby. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

How to Make a Quilt – Easy Quilt Patterns for the Beginner Quilter

Quilting is a centuries old pastime that was originally developed as a way of re using clothes or feedsacks to provide warmth. Today it has become a widespread craft with many subsections and brings pleasure to millions of quilters all over the world. Quilts can be very complex, but many patterns are for simple quilting projects which are ideal for the beginner quilter.

Types of Jewelry Chains

Descriptive list of the types and styles of chains commonly used in jewelry making. Discover the names and descriptions of various chains you can use to enhance your jewelry making and crafts creativity.

Fun Hobby Ideas That Make Money

You can turn your fun hobby into a great way to make money> If you love making quality hand crafted products, there will always be someone out there happy to pay you good money for it. Find out how making candles, handmade soaps and perfumes can earn you a good income.

Creativity Through Prayer

Creative hands in prayer lovingly stitch both shawls and quilts. The person knitting, crocheting or weaving a prayer shawl prays for the future recipient of the completed shawl. Quilt makers pray while sewing pieces of fabric in beautiful designs and inserting a heavy thread through the prayer quilt layers. Prayers are said for each recipient while tying a loose end of the thread with a square knot.

Machine Embroidery on Jackets

Of all the different wearable items that can be embroidered, jackets would appear to be the easiest. When most of think of jackets in terms of embroidery, large areas for full back and left chest designs come to mind. What many of us often forget are the little curveballs apparel manufacturers are adding into their designs such as box pleats and seams down the back. Fashion forward styles may have things like raglan sleeves which can throw off design placement since they lack the guideline of a shoulder seam.

Bells and Belfreys for Ship Models

Since the 15th century, ship’s bells have played both a practical and symbolic role in the life of naval vessels and their crews. All good ship models must have a bell on board. All really good ship models should also have an ornate belfry – depending on the era of the ship model.