Electro Motive Division G22M Locomotive in Sri Lanka Railways

Electro Motive Division G22M Locomotive in Sri Lanka Railways

Bed Sheet Costume Ideas

Did you know that you can use a bed sheet to make almost any costume that you would like? Surprisingly most people don’t know just how helpful a bed sheet can be and just how many options they really have when it comes to using them for costume ideas. Below are a few of the ways that you can use a bed sheet to make costumes.

Ideas for Mason Jar Gifts for Holidays and Every Day

There are a lot of different mason jar crafts that you can make yourself or find a crafter who’s already making them. Mason jar gifts are fun to make. And if you come up with something new and creative, you might be able to turn it into a money-making hobby too.

Embroidery Finishing – Details In Embroidery Finishing Will Raise Your Level Of Customer Service!

There are many details in your embroidery finishing process that if you pay close attention to; will help you raise your level of customer service. The finishing of your garments after you have embroidered them is very important!

Creating More Light In Your Home With Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Mason jars are traditionally used for canning and storage. But did you know that more recently, mason jar light fixtures are becoming more popular too? Over the last few years, though, they have also become widely known as a source of lighting. People are using these versatile jars for everything from candleholders to chandeliers.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Attractive Free Gift Certificate Templates

Want an easy way to boost your business sales? Start selling gift certificates to your existing customers, as well as your potential customers as they receive them for holiday gifts, “thank you” acknowledgments, and other occasions! It’s a great way to expand your business to those who may not have heard of you, and get them in your door – and it can all be done without significant expense with free gift certificate templates.

How To Make Your Own Soy Candles

Soy candles are gaining in popularity, as they provide a healthy alternative to the commercial candles that are available in most marketplaces. If you are interested in making soy candles on your own, it is a relatively simple thing to do. As long as you set aside the time that is necessary and gather the materials that are needed in advance, you will find that you are well on your way to making your own, unique candles that can be burnt at home or given as gifts.

Quilting Cutting Mats – Significant Security Tips When Cutting For Quilters

Making quilts is known to many as a process of sewing different layers of cloth with one another to generate a even larger and thicker material. The art of quilting is known as an entertaining.

DIY: 8 Easy Steps To Hemming Curtains

I have always dreamed of having actual curtains throughout my house. Now I do! But, when looking for curtains I found that nothing I liked was in the length that I needed. What to do, what to do? I decided to hem them myself. At first it seemed like a daunting task, but it’s really quite easy once you get the hang of it (pun intended). Here are eight easy steps to hem curtains and make your home that much more beautiful.

Have Your Children Involved In Crafting By Using A Self Healing Cutting Mat

The arts and craft past-time is a superb hobby to be in. It is not only soothing it also can help you get those creative juices running. It also offers that feeling of fulfillment from making something from almost nothing.

What Is a Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter?

A jigsaw puzzle machine is a versatile piece of equipment. Rather than making standard puzzles of random landscapes, a puzzle cutter gives the option to transform personal photos into puzzle form.