EMD Action at Arlington

EMD Action at Arlington

Machine Embroidery Threads – Five Thread Types And Three Thread Tips

Are you thinking of taking up machine embroidery at home? Whatever brand of embroidery machine you use, you should make a point of using quality embroidery thread. Machine embroiderers need to understand the facts that are likely to cause problems with their thread and also know the differences between the various types of thread available.

Try Paper Mache Technique

Art lovers must have heard about a TV show called “Art Attack”. I am very fond of this show as the artist Neil shares so many interesting art attacks which are fun to make. And the best part is that he uses very few things.

Basic Beading – The Gift of Courage

Throughout history beads have had many uses. From paper weights to calculators, currency to status and even magic talismans, basic beading has fascinated people for over 43,000 years. It is this usefulness, value and power that makes beading a great way for children to record their journey with serious illness.

RC Boats for Sale Buying Guide for Novices

So you’ve found an RC boats sale and figured this is the perfect time to indulge and make your childhood dreams come true. While it’s tempting to flash the credit card in haste, it’s best to slow down and take a little time to get to know the basics of RC boats.

What Is Macrame?

Macrame is a form of textile-making that does not involve the typical way of weaving or knitting, but rather by a series of knots. Cavandoli Macrame is a style made of two colors’ that consists of two basic knots that are inverted creating a stiffer kind of fabric that works great for table mats, purses, book covers and etc and named after Valentina Cavandoli.

Halloween Craft Ideas!

Halloween crafts are a great idea for some spooky fun! Anything from an interesting pumpkin carving session to sewing felt ghosts can be fun for everyone. The great thing about these crafts is you can make them for relatively inexpensive prices and spend some quality time with the family while doing so!

How to Turn Your Knitting Hobby Into a Small Business

Passionate about knitting? We’ll give you some simple ideas for how to turn your knitting hobby into a small business!

7 Ways to Achieve Stunning Handmade Greeting Cards

Here we explain 7 of the most prevalent methods that professionals employ to create beautiful handmade greeting cards. These strategies include Quilling, parchment craft, Teabag folding and 4 other methods. If you are interested in this, look here…

Find the Right Electric RC Airplanes for Your Skill Level and Budget

Many adults and children love the fun and excitement of flying electric RC airplanes; however, choosing the model that is right for you can sometimes be a little confusing, especially when you see the huge assortment you have to choose from. Everyone seems to want the latest and greatest models; the ones capable of doing impressive tricks with precision maneuverability, but these airplanes are usually not the best planes to put in the hands of a child or amateur hobbyist who is just learning to fly.

Best Vintage Gallery for Lovers of Time’s Past

Getting excited about vintage things can be your path to finding the recreation or sport that is interesting to you and helps you define yourself. Whether you are retired, middle age, or a younger person, there is a place for you as an enthusiast of the best vintage gallery items over the internet. Whether you love old cars, clothes, lamps, posters, hats, or whatever that’s old that you want to collect, you can probably add to your collection by researching over the internet.