Evening Office Train Departure in Sri Lanka Railways, Filmed in 4K

Evening Office Train Departure in Sri Lanka Railways, Filmed in 4K

Common Reasons Sewing Machine Repair Is Needed

There are several signs that will show you that you may need sewing machine repair. Be on the lookout for these potential problems and then have yours checked by an experienced professional.

How ALI Can Help You

This article is about how ALI is promoting the art of life casting throughout the world. And also tells the readers about modern artistic techniques.

A Look Into Nesting Dolls

For many decades, Russian nesting dolls have delighted and inspired thousands of girls around the world. These are excellent gifts for little girls. With one gift, a child can start a collection of nesting dolls, which when properly cared for can be cherished by subsequent generations as a valuable family heirloom.

Rowan Yarn Is One of the Most Popular Yarns to Use for Your Project

Knitting is considered a very relaxing hobby to undertake. Although it can take a lot of time and concentration, depending on what it is that you are knitting, it is something that can be immensely rewarding seeing something you have created by hand.

Turn a Life Casting Hobby Into a Profitable Profession

This article is about the demand for life casters and how life casting can make a lucrative profession. And also gives a perfect scenario on modern life casting and modeling techniques.

A Quilting Challenge for 2015

Joining a quilting challenge can be a fantastic way to hone your skills, gain new techniques and have fun with others who share your passion for quilting. As with any challenge, the main goal is to encourage you to try new things and branch out from your normal routine.

6 Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Modern Home

When it’s time to add layers of decorating interest to any room your first choice for big style is wallpaper. Here are 6 unique ways to use wallpaper in a modern home.

Craft Idea Using Tape and Other Household Supplies

Rainy days, cancelled school, or just another Sunday will often find children being stuck indoors and complaining about boredom. Why not make the day interesting and fun making crafts and projects using supplies that are most likely just lying around the house? Using ordinary objects such as coat hangers and glow in the dark tape can turn a dull day into one full of learning and excitement.

12 Days of Learning to Quilt

Learning anything new always takes time and patience just as learning to quilt. Here are the 12 days of learning to quilt as I have helped a friend make her first baby quilt.

Amazing Things to Do With Tomato Cages

Tomato cages are perfect for crafts. You can make many interesting creations with it to decorate your home or office.