February Highlights in NY & NJ ft. NS Heritage, Foreign Power, NJT F40PH’s & More

February Highlights in NY & NJ ft. NS Heritage, Foreign Power, NJT F40PH's & More

Applique, an Old Craft Used in Patchwork and Quilting

Applique is an old decorative craft that is often used in patchwork and quilting. It was traditionally done by hand, but today is normally done by machine.

5 Ways to Create Amigurumi Eyes for Your Amigurumi Crochet

You may have seen many examples of amigurumi on the Internet. Many of them look super cute, while other just fail to meet the mark. Imagine – You see the perfect amigurumi from the back. It’s so cute and the colours are just awesome. You pick it up with great anticipation to see the front, only to see one eye deformed.

Making A Knitted Cap With A Brim

To me, brims on caps are so popular these days and an attractive brim adds a touch of class to any head wear. No matter what age you are, the home knitted brims make a fashion statement in my opinion. I personally think that, when purchased, the hat brims contribute to the cost of the knitted hat.

How To Block An Afghan After Knitting

It is quite an achievement to finish that knitted afghan that you have been working on for a couple of months isn’t it? The next big hurdle is to block it believe it or not. You don’t really want this beautiful piece of work to lose its shape do you? Well, then you must block it. Blocking is simply a process that makes knitted objects square and even and is vital to making blocks for a project all the same size.

The History of Bachmann Model Trains

Founded in 1833, Bachmann Brothers Company produced from tortoiseshell and ivory a range of personal vanity items such as combs. When celluloid, one of the first of the thermoplastics, became available in the early 1900s the company began to use that in their products, adding other items such a spectacle frames.

How to Make Candles at Home Using A Jar

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make candles at home? Making a simple jar candle is a great way to learn and it’s also a lot of fun! Candle making can be a very involved process, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you are just looking for something fun to do that you can share with your friends and family.

Tips for Nighttime Photos With Your Digital Camera or Smart Phone

During the holiday season, more than most any other time of the year, the nighttime is lit up with scenes and the memories of light that we dearly wish to capture and preserve. The problem is that our flash washes out the colors or everything in the photo ends up a big blur. Here’s four quick and easy tips to help you capture the images and memories of the night.

How To Sew In A Zipper For Beginners

I know this is all going to sound strange to you, but trust me, when I say that inserting zippers into a finished home crocheted project is like eating a piece of cake as you will understand as you keep on reading. It is relatively easy to insert a zipper in a home crocheted garment, but you must be careful not to stretch the work while sewing. Use sewing thread in a matching color and always sew in a zipper by hand. If it is designed to be a special feature, sew it in with the right side facing. Don’t get me wrong – zippers can be sewn in to a crocheted garment by sewing machine, but the operator of that same sewing machine must be very experienced, very careful and have all the right tools at hand for immediate use.

Children With Autism and Thomas the Tank Engine

Parents, educators, and therapists have witnessed anecdotal evidence of a special connection between Thomas the Tank Engine and children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) for many years. Where the typical child is drawn to the boldly-colored, cheerful little engines, children with autism show an unusually intense love of the characters. Therapists have therefore learned to incorporate Thomas and his cohorts into their repertoire of therapy tools…

Can Burning Candles Be Bad For You?

What is in the candles you burn? Not all candles are made from 100% natural products. The candles you burn could be harmful to the health of you and your family. How can you be sure your candles are not doing you damage?