German Made Class M6 Epic Beat Sound in Sri Lanka Railways

German Made Class M6 Epic Beat Sound in Sri Lanka Railways

Types of Wall Clocks for Your Home

There are many types of wall clock. The Austrian version of these original timepieces was known as a Vienna Wall Clock, and these were often used as a master clock, against which the other clocks in the household were adjusted, as the time keeping of these wall clocks was far superior to many other clocks of that time.

How to Start Cross-Stitch

Cross-stitch is a very easy hobby to take up. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Begin Patchwork

Patchwork is a relaxing, creative hobby that can produce unique household items that are both decorative and useful. Discover how easy it is to do.

Corgi Diecast Model Cars Make Excellent Collectables

Many people will remember the days when they were young. No worries in the world, and plenty of things to see and do. When we were kids, one of the favourite things that we could have were Corgi diecast models. These magnificent replicas of real vehicles would take up many hours of the day.

Tips for Storing Fabrics for Handmade Baby Quilts

Quilters who make handmade baby quilts for sale do so in their own unique way, but they all share the same guilty pleasure: Buying huge amounts of fabric for future projects. Stockpiling goes with the territory.

Binding Bewilderment Puts Makers of Homemade Baby Quilts in a Bind

There’s a great big obstacle that keeps many makers of handmade baby quilts from finishing their projects. They love to buy the fabrics, and their minds are filled with ideas for baby keepsake quilt patterns, so they go to work assembling the major components and even do the quilting their handmade baby quilts from flannel.

Why You Should Be Using Styrofoam to Build Your Model Railroad Scenery

Stryofoam is one of the most often materials used to create model railroad scenery. Because it is so light it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your layout, which makes it nice if you ever have to move it. Due to its properties it is very easy to carve to create, mountains, hills, and just about any other shape you would need.

Home Studio Soundproofing Tips

We’d all like to own a huge mansion with a full on studio – or even a studio for every day of the week – but sadly most of us aren’t that lucky. Soundproofing is the key to happy housemates!

Short History of the Amish Barn Star

In researching the history of the Amish Barn Star, I have found that there is as much folklore as there is fact. In North America we must go back at least 300 years; when groups of religious refugees from Germany migrated to South Eastern Pennsylvania for religious freedom. Many of these refugees were Amish and Mennonites, ‘people of plain dress’, along with Lutherans and other Reformed groups of more worldly dress that were called ‘ people of fancy dress’. As time passed these people became know a ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’.

How to Make Soft Toys

A toy that you have made for your child could not be a more personalised present and really isn’t that hard to do. Here are a few tips to help you get started.