Here’s to 2023! | Happy New Year Everybody!

Here’s to 2023! | Happy New Year Everybody!

How Do You Make Jewelry?

Everyone has a crafty friend who makes homemade gifts deceptively easy. From paper bag scrapbooks to one-of-a-kind lamps any project can be broken down into simple steps. All you need is some direction and you can create masterpieces that are all your own.

Easy Beading – Finding Inspiration

The icy wind blows as snowflakes cascade from the steel gray sky. The earth sparkles with winter beauty as you recall your childhood imaginings of a world covered in glittering gems. You feel the cool weight of the strand of pearls around your neck and realize that you hold that memory in your hand.

Sewing Machine – Shopping Guide

How well do you know your sewing machine? Which sewing machine is right for you? Whether you are a weekend sewer, creative quilter or a professional seamstress, there is a machine to fit you sew needs.

Model Railroad Backdrops – How To Make Your Own

Want to learn how to make your very own model train backdrops and model railroad backgrounds? Here I will cover what options you have to work with.

Handmade Soap Recipes

Soap making is a fun process that can be a great hobby for personal use or gifts for family and friends. There are two main processes, the cold process and the melt and pour method. Both are simple to do but the melt and pour is probably the easiest.

Model Airplane Stalls

A bad day? When you stall your model airplane close to the ground. Let me explain what a stall really is.

Serendipity, Or Creating Your Own Luck When Designing Your Own Model Airplane

Serendipity has been described as looking for a needle in a haystack and getting out of it with the farmer’s daughter. What the heck does this have to do with model airplanes?

How Much Will a Beginner Electric Guitar Cost You?

          So, you’re interested in the electric guitar. Maybe you have decided that acoustic guitars just don’t offer you the kind of sound you are looking for. The bottom line is that the electric guitar is a phenomenal instrument that provides endless musical possibilities for you.

Why Do Model Airplanes Crash?

Under controlled laboratory conditions, it has been determined that all the damage to model airplanes occurs within one inch of the ground (wink). But why did it go down in the first place?

HALE UAV at 60,000 Ft (20,000 M) – Why Replace Satellites?

I’m consulting for a company that is building an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) designed to fly in the stratosphere. In this article, I’ll tell you why it makes sense to replace an earth-orbiting satellites with a high-altitude long-endurace (HALE) UAV.