Hudson Valley Highlights: CSX Military Train, Scrap M7’s, CSO-4 & More. (Feb-Mar ’23)

Hudson Valley Highlights: CSX Military Train, Scrap M7's, CSO-4 & More. (Feb-Mar '23)

RC Airplanes From Megatech and Phase 3 and RC Helicopters From Align Offer Performance and Value

Despite a less than robust economy, there are still plenty of new products coming out under the radio control sun. Whether you are into flying RC airplanes or helicopters or want to turn a family member on to them, a short list of recent vintage remote control aircraft would have to include Megatech’s Interceptor jet, Phase 3’s P-40 Warhawk, and the T-Rex 250 helicopter from Align. The Interceptor is an indoor-outdoor electric Jet RC airplane with flashy good looks and aerobatic performance capabilities.

Christmas Craft Materials

Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to share the holiday spirit with loved ones. They are a perfect way to involve children, parents, grandparents, siblings and even friends in making special gifts for the holiday season. After all, I think the best gifts are homemade ones!

How To Make Your Own Tin Soy Candles

Who doesn’t love to have their own tin soy candles? When a person loves to view the sight of warm glowing candles they would surely buy them again or eventually make their own. This item makes your home feel a little cozy and it makes a romantic evening with your wife or husband sensual and delightful.

The Latest Models At RC Hobbies Stores

The latest technology available at any RC hobbies store’s sale will amaze you. The radio control hobby is experiencing a technological revolution along with the rest of the world. The latest advances have produced much more complex devices and enabled them to do an ever-evolving number of stunts. Better batteries, tools and other accessories are also available at your closest RC hobby store.

What Are Anagrams, and How Can I Beat Them?

What is an Anagram? Playing with anagrams is an exciting and fun way to increase your reasoning and problem solving skills as well as to improve your vocabulary. An anagram is a word or phrase that is composed of the same letters of another word or phrase.

At-Home Arts and Crafts

This article explains some of the benefits and guidelines of at-home arts and crafts. The information is beneficial to both the new and experienced crafts person.

Model Train Standards

The question is how do all the world manufactures of model trains ensure the different gauges and scales are coordinated? And how do they maintain records, if anyone does, of these differences?

Wiring A Model Railway – Shocking Details That Will Keep You From Pulling Your Hair Out!

Proper model railway wiring will ensure your model train to run smoothly, safely and correctly. Even if you have never worked with wiring railway models before, it is surprisingly easy to learn. Wiring model railways is an exciting part of this hobby. It allows you to control starting the locomotive’s engine to stopping it and everything in between its route; a model railway wired correctly is a stress free railway. This article has informative and helpful tips for helping model railroaders to have a stress free wiring railway system.

Activities and Outings Are Very Therapeutic

Everybody needs a diversion, something to fill the time. Many facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools promote leisurely activities as a form of relaxation and a chance to explore and also to express oneself.

Metal Detecting or Making Lemonade

Last week Fed Ex stopped by the shop with a box for me, aahh yes my Sandy has arrived!! “Come to poppa my lil’ friend!!” In the previous weeks leading up to this purchase I was pondering how little time I have to hone my detecting skills, between home and work there just wasn’t any time left for detecting, meanwhile reading in the forums about Terry in New York just killing it up there with his beach detector. Now I don’t know how he ended up stuck up in NY but being from Arizona that’s just got to be brutal.