In-Game TS Rail Disasters Crashes (Ep. 1-6)

In-Game TS Rail Disasters Crashes (Ep. 1-6)

Fun Uses for Ribbon Scrapes

Making ribbon crafts is a fun way to use ribbon leftovers of all colors and designs that you might have lying around. It’s a shame to toss out all those beautiful scraps, so why not make something with them?

Many Dolls, Figures and Figurines Resemble Delightful Movie Characters

There are many wonderful dolls and figurines which look like the many colorful characters from the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ This movie was based upon a story written by Lewis Carroll called ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.’ The movie adaptation (directed by Tim Burton and screen written by Linda Woolverton) came out in theatres in 2010.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Calling A Sewing Machine Repair Shop

A sewing machine might seem like an antiquated object for some, but the truth is sewing is one of the biggest hobbies in the world for a lot of people. Sewing machines themselves are still used in manufacturing all over the world, albeit there have been a few design changes over the years.

RC Hobbies Are Serious Fun

Remote control cars and boats can be unsophisticated, small toys sold at generic toy stores. These inexpensive models are made for family days at the local park where young hands will play hard and, possibly, break their toys fairly quickly. RC hobbies can be far more serious and expensive, however, especially when grown up boys and girls want to play.

Model Railways

Model railroading is a hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. Kids love playing with the model trains and seeing them go around the model railway while adults love the realism, the community of people who share the hobby and sharing their love of model trains with their children and grandchildren. There are many reasons to start building a model railroad, whether it’s a small railway or a huge one reaching across the house.

Charm Beads: How to Use Them to Design a Bracelet

Charm beads have become very popular with people who are looking for a way to create bracelets with a unique design. You can create almost any design that you want but you will find that the process of putting the bracelet together will go a lot smoother if you follow a few basic rules.

5 Of My Favorite Yarns

Everyone has their favorite yarns for different reasons. Some yarns are a hit because they are easy to work with, or because they are soft and contribute to a beautiful fabric, while others get used often simply because they are economical. The yarns listed below are five of my top favorite yarns to crochet with. All of them are reasonably priced and have different qualities about them.

An Introduction to Crochet

Crochet is a method of creating beautiful lacy fabric that you can use as curtains, tablecloths and doilies. You can also use the crochet technique for making stylish winter accessories, such as hats, scarves, mittens and many other items. And once you get good at crocheting, you can also make very stylish sweaters and other tops to wear on any occasion.

Crochet Skill Level – Experienced

The highest level in crocheting is commonly referred to as the experienced level or as the advanced level. Once you reach this level you pretty much become invincible because you will be able to understand and master all crochet patterns. This does not necessarily mean that you will know everything there is to know about crocheting, but rather that you have enough knowledge and experience behind your belt in order for you to master any pattern that you come across.

The Fast New Trend of Drifting RC Cars

The recreational sport of racing remote controlled cars has taken a long overdue turn towards the drifting scene. Enthusiasts are designing, building and drifting RC cars on professionally designed courses. The RC cars are fast, sexy, and realistic with the names of popular manufacturers’ from the drifting world adorning the fenders and wheel wells as seen on traditional, life-sized race cars. The ability of these drivers to control their cars into hairpin turns and figure eights, at breakneck speeds, while the vehicle is sliding seemingly uncontrollably, is profound and awe-inspiring.