It’s Been A While YouTube!! Lionel Model Train Run & More!!

It's Been A While YouTube!! Lionel Model Train Run & More!!

Mom’s Special Scissors

Growing up, my Mom had scissors that she called “her special scissors” and we were not allowed to use them or else punishment would reign from above. These scissors looked and cut like any other scissors, so why the big fuss? These “special” scissors weren’t adorned with rubys or diamonds and didn’t cut out fancy shapes in one swift swoop, so again I would ask myself why was all of this attention put on these “special” scissors? I didn’t quite understand why then, but now that I have children of my own, I know why.

How to Make Shell Pendants

Shell Pendants can be made of several beads that are crafted beautifully to make it possible for a person to have when in need of having the best out of the pendants. The pendants are made in different shapes and sizes and this makes it possible for a person to get the best out of the beads. When you want to retrieve more information about the pendants, you will have to seek information from those have dealt in the business.

Making Homemade Quilts

Do you like handmade quilts but feel they are too complicated to make? A few basic sewing skills and the desire to create something beautiful are all that you need. Oh, and patience doesn’t hurt either.

Create A Sparkling Forest Of Wine Charms With Swarovski Rhinestones

The tree is adorned with treasured pieces you’ve collected over the years, the mistletoes is hung above the door, and all the Christmas party must-haves are ready-sounds like you know the secret that it’s all in the details! If you’re looking for a fun, simple way to add that last touch of holiday cheer, here’s a small project you can do with Swarovski rhinestones, beads, and a little imagination.

Toy-Grade Vs Hobby-Grade

If you walk up to any stranger on the street and ask them if they know what a radio controlled car is, the answer will most often be a BIG smile and an affirmative “yes!” In fact, most of us probably have had the thrill of owning a radio controlled car at some point in our lives when we were growing up. Maybe you received one for your birthday or maybe “Santa Claus” left one for you under the tree.

Baskets Your Child Can Make

Super mother-daughter craft–make colorful fabric baskets to brighten your daughter’s room and provide a place for her hair ribbons, doll accessories and treasured belongings. All you need is cotton fabric…

Necessary Notions for a Beginning Machine Embroiderer

You bought a new embroidery machine. Congratulations! Now what? Where do you begin? It can be so difficult to know where to start, with all the different choices for stabilizers, needles, scissors, and threads. Here are some suggestions to get you on your way.

The Top 10 Tips for Perfect Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is easy. Yet, so often our embroidery does not come out looking like we envisioned. Broken threads frustrate our efforts, and puckered fabric detracts from the beauty of our final product. Here are ten tips to minimize frustration and maximize success!

Artistic Impressions of Star Wars Legos

Many of us grew up playing and building with Lego bricks since we were small kids. Making dreams comes true, whether it was constructing a building, the perfect town, or a fancy vehicle to go where our hearts desired. There are only a few of them with a childlike spirit that has let the force guide them through the galaxy, creating Lego Star Wars art for all to enjoy.

More Than One Way to Make Soap

Soap is the most important invention of the world. It not just keeps the bacteria away from hands and body, but also offers a fresh sensation to the individual. The uses of soap depend primarily upon its ingredients. Some soap is used for cleaning and washing of clothes, while some are used for bathing purposes. No matter, for what purpose the soap is used for, it is an important part of our day to day lives. The historical past of the soap and soap making can be dated back to 2800 BC to the time of Babylon.