Last of the Bee-Line Orion V’s in Ossining

Last of the Bee-Line Orion V's in Ossining

12 Cheap and Easy Present Ideas for This Christmas

Giving your friends the perfect Christmas present is easy this year! With so many fun and easy gifts you can make or suggestions of things you can buy with a budget, no friend will get left out.

Gold Prospecting

How popular is gold prospecting? Gold prospecting as a hobby is getting bigger and bigger and as gold prices skyrocket and the economy tanks further, gold prospecting will only get bigger.

French and German Antique Dolls

French and German Bisque porcelain, dolls, can be found going as far back as the 1840s. Bisque, figures, having a realistic non-glazed skin -like look, continued its productivity until the late 1920’s. Between 1860’s to 1890’s, fashionable lady figures were the biggest trend, always wearing glamorous, gowns, often trimmed with lace. French designers were widely known for these lovely figures of fashion.

History of Friendship Bracelets

  There are various theories for this origins and history of friendship bracelets, tracing the evolution of the simple bracelet making through macramé to the modern practice of making a pair of bracelets and giving one to a friend and wearing one yourself.   Modern friendship bracelets are generally made using macramé techniques, which is a process that uses knotting to make textiles. The use of knots differentiates macramé from knitting or weaving, which interlock different loops of material.

Serger Magic: Decorative Braids by Serger Using the Overlock Stitch

Most of us use our sergers for sewing and finishing seams. Did you know your serger can also create decorative embellishments? With a few common notions and some beautiful decorative thread you can create various braids and trims to match and decorate your sewing projects. Using your serger to make these trims is less expensive, saving you money as well as trips to the store. You are also better able to match your decorative thread to your project exactly, instead of settling for a near match, which you might with ready-made trims.

What Are Photo Handbags?

What are photo handbags and why photo handbags are an excellent gift? Use your favorite photos to create your next handbag. What are the various possibilities for creating a photo handbag? Why you need a photo handbag and what it can do for you.

Showing Your Appreciation With Challenge Coins

Finding a gift or a token to show people you appreciate them can be a daunting task. Most often, personalized gifts are prohibitively expensive and affordable gifts are impersonal and often have nothing to do with the occasion one is celebrating. Face it, most gifts are tossed aside within a few weeks or months after the occasion. Why not make an attempt to get something that people will remember for years, if not the rest of their lives.

Choosing Model Trains And Train Miniatures As A Hobby

Constructing model trains is just about one of  the most popular pastimes for people searching for a little something to try and do in their extra time. Not only is it a fascinating activity, but it really provides you with a sense of achievement as you attain newer levels of progress. For anybody who is a novice, there are several basic aspects to consider preceding jumping in though.

Recycle Your Old Christmas Cards

Did you know that by recycling last years Christmas cards and making them into this years Greeting cards for your dear friends and family to enjoy, you will help out to reduce carbon emissions and waste in this world. So, start a new routine by making your own Eco friendly greeting cards for the holidays. That is true spirit of a green Christmas!

Victorian Flowers and Traditions

Flowers are my passion and when I was asked to set a table for a benefits banquet using a floral centerpiece and eight place settings I found the Victorian Era theme fit my love of flowers. This era was named for Queen Victoria who ruled England from 1837 to 1901, whose enthusiasm for flower designs was a time of elegance for all things flower. They decorated not only with flower arrangements in a vase but also with flowers on plates, tea pots and in pictures for the walls, and their use of flowers was displayed in all their treasures.