LTEX 1550 at the east end of Arlington yard

LTEX 1550 at the east end of Arlington yard

Drafting Corset Patterns

Once you have developed preferences for corset pattern features you may find it difficult to find corset patterns with all the design elements you require. You may even have started splicing together patterns you have. This would be a good time to start drafting your own patterns for corsets. Here is my guide to doing just that!

Radio Control Model Helicopters

Helicopters are great fun, they can be very easy to fly, and anyone can be taught to fly them. The way to start is just buy one of the simple coaxial models available at drug stores Wal-Mart or online. They fly themselves; basically, the twin rotors on the coaxial system are designed to do all the controlling forward backward up and down.

Growing Your Bonsai Tree

Growing your own bonsai tree does not need to begin by being costly. Any plants are free when grown from seeds or cuttings and the benefits to be had in terms of appreciation of the end result, and the experience gained, is really a pleasure beyond comparison.

10 RC Airplane Challenges

Here are 10 new challenges to try if you are an RC model airplane pilot. Are you up to the challenge?

How to Make Your Very Own Pendant With Striking Gemstone Cabochons

This article talks about how to make a pendant. It describes systematic process of making gemstone cabochons pendant.

The Importance of Stitch Markers

In any kind of stitching art, you will find that stitch markers are used by every experienced stitcher. The reason is because stitch markers help the person save time. They are also important because they save people from getting frustrated and giving up entirely.

How Can I Make Inexpensive Sewing Alterations To My Own Bridal Gown?

Whether you are sewing a brand new bridal gown or embellishing an heirloom, the variety of specialty fabrics and supplies available to the home sewer on the market is extensive. Some notions include button looping, silk roses and lace appliques adorned with beads and sequins. These notions make it simple to add a touch of glamour, while a variety of nettings are used for a classic feeling.

What Is The Purpose Of Home Sewing Alterations Within My Own Wardrobe For My Pregnancy?

With all the new styles of maternity clothing out there on the market today that advertise the fact that you are expecting that new baby, it can get expensive to replace your clothing for maternity clothes (that’s an expensive 9 months right?). We are all aware that more than with any other type of clothing, it is critical that maternity clothes feel comfortable and that they help you look your best.

Little Kid Craft Ideas for March – Easy Leprechaun Craft

We love crafting with stuff that is already in our home, and have recently made some neat crafts for March with our kids. Our cute tube Leprechaun along with his friend the paper plate Leprechaun were a lot of fun to make and super easy for the kids to do on their own. You probably already have everything that is needed to make these crafts today.

How Can I Use My Home Sewing Machine To Create Smocking In A Garment?

Smocking is a decorative stitching technique that holds regulated folds of fabric in place. Traditionally, smocking is worked with hand embroidery, but it is now possible to create a smocked look with your home sewing machine.