MNR New Haven Line Railfanning on VHS

MNR New Haven Line Railfanning on VHS

Police Challenge Coins: Honor Those Who Serve

Police challenge coins are issued to commemorate a special occasion or to remember officers who have been killed in the line of duty. They also help charities linked to improving the general working life of a serving officer. This may include purchasing essential pieces of uniform, improving office space and funding social events for the officers in their down time…

How Wing Lift Really Works

I take a stab at a clear and simple explanation of how an airplane stays up. Do I succeed?

Five Fun Crafts to Do With Kids

I love making things with my kids, whether it’s drawing pictures or making craft items. We always have ideas for this, so I’m going to share a few of our successes here.

Choosing the Correct Knitting Needle for Your Project

Basically, knitting is creating a piece of fabric by combining thread or yarn and using two needles. The use of the correct needles for knitting can make a possibly totally frustrating situation into a soothing pastime. There are several types of knitting needles, shapes and diameters. Knowing which ones to use for particular projects is essential.

A Few Ideas For Home Made Party Favors

No matter what kind of celebration you intend to have, if you invite guests, home made party favors are a great way to thank each of them for coming to celebrate with you. There are many different things that can be given as small tokens of your appreciation.

3 Ways to Nickel Plate

Nickel plating is a practical and affordable way for the DIY hobbyist, model builder or automobile and motorcycle restorer to plate their own projects without the need to send them out to a professional plating shop. Hiring out a plating company takes extra time and money, besides there is a certain satisfaction that comes when a project can be taken from the beginning to end without needing to bring in a third party.

Building Hand and Eye Coordination While Enjoying Model Airplane Hobby

Remote controlled airplane navigation is a trendy hobby that is growing worldwide. This pastime is very exciting and has been proven by medical specialists to promote enhanced hand and eye coordination.

Quilting – A Long History

Quilting has a very important history that we should cherish. Quilting is an art that has been handed down for many generations and hopefully it will continue to be handed down to all future generations.

Soapmaking – Working With Colors

There are so many options available for coloring agents when you are soapmaking. Learn the difference and what you need to make the best soap for you!

Understanding How The Model Railroad Scale Works

Understanding what a model railroad scale means and how much room it will take up can also help you decide the size of the area that you need for your model railroad. The scale is basically the reduced size of the original and this article will give you dimensions for the most common scales.