More In-Game Rail Disasters ft. Bonus Episode “Under Stress” (2005 Amagasaki derailment)

More In-Game Rail Disasters ft. Bonus Episode "Under Stress" (2005 Amagasaki derailment)

The Four Dark Horsemen of Right Rudder

There are four forces that conspire against you to add right rudder control input to your model airplane. Learn what they are.

Making Model Railway Scenery

If you are looking for tips on making model railway scenery, then let me help. I don’t claim to be an expert model scenery builder, but I would like to share a couple of ways to build model scenery on a budget. I know times are tough right now for many, so using affordable and free materials is a must.

Hand-Launch Your Model Airplane Like a Pro

Tired of having your hand-launches going to pot in two seconds flat? Maybe these tips will help.

Beads for Bracelets – How to Use Charm Beads to Make a Bracelet

Making charm bracelets is a very popular activity. While you can use any beads for your bracelet and put them together in any design it is usually a good idea to look at how other people have done it to get some ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Once you have a good design putting together the bracelet is pretty simple.

Crochet Skill Level – Intermediate

The intermediate crochet skill level is a broad level wherein you can learn a wide variety of unique crochet stitches, stitch patterns and different types of crochet. Once you reach this level, you will begin to really enjoy crocheting and be proud of the projects that you create. You should always be proud of your finished projects, but at this is the stage you will gain the ability to create lacier and more beautiful projects.

Rubber Stamping – A Craft Worth Learning

Rubber Stamping-A Craft Worth Learning Does learning a craft intimidate you? Does drawing a stick person challenge you? Unlike crafts that take years to master, rubber stamping offers satisfying results the first time you hold a stamp in your hand.

Kids Crafting – Ideas for Occupying Your Youngsters

This article will discuss ideas for kids crafting. Ideas include soap making, lip balm, candles and more!

Working With Beeswax

This article discusses the benefits of using beeswax. There are also tips on how to use the product and where to buy it wholesale.

Building Model Railway Tunnels

Building model railway tunnels is something of an art form for many model train enthusiasts, and can seem like a daunting prospect for many newcomers. There are many reasons for adding a tunnel to your model train layout, hiding a sharp and unnatural looking curve in your track, adding height and also for making your layout look more realistic, as the world is not flat.

Profitable Financial Returns

Artists are entrepreneurs and the movers and shakers for progress throughout the world. How is this true? It is true because an artist has a thought created by one’s imagination. The thought is then brought to life by the hands of the designer and it is introduced to the public. Jewelry orders will reflect the popularity of your jewelry line and bring profitable financial returns.