My BIGGEST Unboxing Video Yet!!! What’s In The Crate?!

My BIGGEST Unboxing Video Yet!!! What's In The Crate?!

The Different Ways Of Minting Indian Coins

In India, different rulers minted various varieties of coins. These coins were minted in different ways. Earlier, beads and stones were used as currency and this system was known as the Barter System.

Plating Nickel With an Electroless Kit

There are a few different ways to plate nickel onto a conductive material and one of the best ways to do this and complete a uniform layer regardless of angles or geometric structure of the material to be plated is electroless plating. So then what exactly is electroless nickel plating? The first thing to know about EN, or electroless nickel, is that it is exactly what it says and that is that plating can be done sans electricity.

Imagine, Dream, Believe: How African Violets Add Value to My Life

What is the most fulfilling hobby in the world? What can you break off a piece of and grow many plants from it? What gives you a relaxing and satisfying feeling about life?

Should You Pre-Wash Your Fabrics For Quilting?

No Quilter wants to go through the time and expense of constructing a beautiful quilt, only to wash it and find what was once a red and white quilt is now red and pink. Vivid colored fabric makes for an Impressive and great looking Quilting Masterpiece, although steps may need to be taken to prevent fabric fading.

How To Make Your Own Designs and Create Stunning Photo Gifts With Them

There’s a budding artist or designer in all of us, but the harsh reality is, for most of us, our artistic skills fall way short of where we would like them to be. But don’t despair – now there is an easy way to make your own designs – designs that look so good they will turn heads and draw lots of compliments! If you’re like the majority of us, when you sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil in an attempt to draw something, your creation is totally unrecognizable to others, and probably to…

5 Great Beginners Quilting Tips Every Quilter Should Know!

Interested in quilting? That’s a good thing because quilting is not only enjoyable and a great stress reducer, it’s also a useful activity that allows you to make useful clothing items and bed coverings for your home as well as gifts to your friends.

Antique Sewing Machines and Retiring

What you sew is the major decision maker in the machine you use to do the job. Do you do more than one type of sewing job and more than one thickness of material?

What To Expect From Lionel Model Trains?

A company that began with a single storefront window display train expanded into one of the most influential model train manufacturers in history. As technology evolved, Lionel chose to keep up with the trends and today the amount of model trains and accessories that they have to offer is remarkable.

Overview About the Popular Coins for Collectors

What are the kinds of coins that are worth collecting? You can always begin by acquiring the ones that are accessible and these on your collection. Through the years and your collection grows, you can choose the kinds with superior quality and graded high based on the Sheldon Scale.

What Lies Ahead of Coin Collecting As Hobby and Investment

While many collectors regard coin collecting as an investment, there are also those who do this for fun and enjoyment. The majority of collectors begins as hobbyists and end up being serious in making an investment out of what they have collected.