My Brand New DCC Controller | Digitrax Zephyr DCS 50 Unboxing

My Brand New DCC Controller | Digitrax Zephyr DCS 50 Unboxing

Getting Your Children Started In The Hobby Of Woodcrafting

Whether you’re a mother, father, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or teacher, if you have children around you, they have a natural inclination to build things. And to break things. These basics of work space, tools and supplies will give you some ideas about how to prepare for introducing your child to the hobby of woodcrafting.

Steps And Tips To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Making tissue paper flowers are really easy and inexpensive. Although just made of tissue papers, these flowers can be used as excellent handmade gifts, for decorating you own home or can be a surprise gift for your child. All you need to make these flowers are 5-6 pieces of tissue papers, half of a pipe cleaner measuring about 17.5cm, stapler and a pair of scissors.

Crafts For Kids – Write A Letter To The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is looking forward to hearing how good you have been and what special treats you would like to have in your Easter Basket this year. Make your letter special and artsy using a mosaic art technique. Craft a Mosaic Egg Note Card” and write your letter to the Easter Bunny inside.

How To Make Your Own Candles

Making candles is a wonderful hobby that has many rewards. In today’s culture, making candles yourself is an interesting and exciting way to make home-made high-quality gifts for family and friends.

Carpentry Fun Time: Glue!

I think the title says it all. Here are a few exercises that will help teach your child how to use wood glue to make things without making a mess!

How to Choose Sewing Machines

Do you like sewing and want to buy a sewing machine? Needless to say, buying a new sewing machine is not always an easy task. A modern one can cost a lot of money, if someone never bought a sewing machine before they will often not even know where to start.

The Easy Way to Make Resin Jewellery

Resin jewellery has become very popular and even the commercial jewellery makers are excited over the production of new resins, which are safe to use and easy to handle. These new resins have opened up the imagination of artists around the world. Artists are creating wonderfully unique and impressive pieces that the public loves.

Are High Jury Fees for Craft Shows and Festivals Justified?

Whether you’re more about arts and painting or handmade crafts, showing your work at art shows and festivals is a critical part of getting your work seen by a larger audience, as well as getting it sold to interested parties. However, there are certain parts of the process that can make the experience more of a pain than a pleasure.

How To Make Pearl Earrings?

Pearl earrings are suitable for both formal as well as casual wear. But, otherwise they can be very expensive; especially if you use real pearls. Hoop earring made of pearl can look great on a girl, and you can easily make them at home.

Fish Crafts – An Amazing Way to Spend the Day

Kids are amazing and if you give them a piece of paper you’d be amazed at the wonderful crafts that they create. Kids love fish and therefore through this article, let’s take a look at what kids can do with paper to make fish that they’d enjoy making. They can do this at home as well as at school – it surely is fun!