My FIRST Lionel Postwar Hudson!!! #2055 Is Here To Stay!

My FIRST Lionel Postwar Hudson!!! #2055 Is Here To Stay!

Basic Ingredients for Soap Coloring

One of the most creative parts of being a soap maker is soap coloring. From colored swirls and pastels to colors that are so bright they’re verging on neon, the different hues you can use to tint your final product really bring out that creative and decorative side that is in all of us.

Essential Facts About Brother Sewing Machines

When it comes to high quality and dependable sewing machines, which brand can you trust? Brother was introduced in 1932, and it has been considered one of the most successful producers of home sewing machines all over the world.

History, Benefits and Types of Gemstone Beads

Gemstones beads have been used since ancient times for their timeless beauty and healing properties. These stunning stones are now easily available in a vast range of choices and are a unique way to craft handmade jewelry pieces of unmatched beauty and style.

Using a Natural Exfoliant in Your Soap Product

Most people don’t know this, but using a natural exfoliant every few days is important to keeping your skin young looking. That’s because when you scrub your body well, you remove dead skin cells and any dirt that may be in between the layers.

Model Railroading – 2 Ways To Build Your Mountains Using Free Or Cheap Materials

Building mountains for your model railroad can be fun and does not have to cost the earth. Read this article to find free of cheap materials that you can build your mountains with, without compromising quality.

Model Railroading – 4 Main Points To Consider When Building A Model Railroad

There are lots of varieties of model railroad layout plans, however there are certain things that each and every part of these layouts do have in common. Find out what are the 4 main points that you need to take into account when creating a model railroad layout plan.

Need Something to Do This Weekend? Try Attending a Quilt Show

Quilting is a phenomenon that is sweeping the country. Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers. In a study commissioned by Quilts Inc. in 2003 there were 21.3 million active quilters in the United States, and of that number 25% were dedicated quilters spending more than $500 a year on quilting supplies. According to Quilters News Network, QNN there are an estimated 30 million quilters worldwide. If you still aren’t convinced, consider the fact that QNN is one of the few full 24/7 TV on-demand network devoted entirely to one craft, quilting. Capitalizing on this hobby, Quilt Shows have begun popping up around the country.

Tools for Making Jewelery – A Beginners Guide

In the last few decades, there has been an increasing interest in jewelry making and beading. There is now a vast number of magazines and books on the subject, as well as suppliers for the different tools, and beads, and other items needed for making jewelry. In this article we will talk about the tools that are necessary to begin this enjoyable and very creative pastime.

Celebrity Dolls Have Been Popular for Many Decades

Celebrity dolls and action figures have been very popular for many decades. It would seem that people often collect figures of high profiled celebrities. Collectors may have hopes of making a profit off a particular star’s figured item which they have purchased. Others collect these treasures because they are truly a great fan of a person in the spotlight.

Homemade Jewelry – How to String Beads – The Basics

Now is the time to make those bangles and baubles on the glossy pages of your favorite magazine yours. Instead of letting your eyes pop out of your head when you see the retail price of a necklace or bracelet at the bottom of the page; get inspired. You can create homemade jewelry that is just as gorgeous and trendy for a fraction of the price.