MY SMALLEST TRAIN LAYOUT YET! Introducing my 2×3′ Lionel Postwar Train Layout!

MY SMALLEST TRAIN LAYOUT YET! Introducing my 2x3' Lionel Postwar Train Layout!

Inspiring Our Daughters to Sew

I did everything wrong when I decided to teach my daughter to sew. Really teaching is not the hard part, you don’t even have to be a proficient seamstress. Inspiring is the key.

Using Household Objects in a Miniature Setting

Your dollhouse hobby is a great opportunity for recycling. There is no real “standard” inventory when it comes to dollhouse miniatures. Expect to gather your own inventory of miniature supplies as you complete doll house projects.

The Tools Needed to Make Miniatures

Although you don’t need much in the way of tools to complete a dollhouse kit, you will need a few basic supplies in order to build, paint, and decorate the home. Having the right tools at hand will make the process of making a doll house go much smoother, and ensure that you don’t reach a critical point before discovering that you don’t have the right tools to complete your project. If you have a full-scale workshop, you’ve probably heard the advice to get the best tools you can afford.

Choosing an RC Gas Helicopter

Considering your first RC gas Helicopter? Here a few things that you really must consider, which should help you decide how to proceed. We recommend reading the article to help improve your basic knowledge.

Get the Best RC Helicopters Online

When flying your best RC helicopters for the first time, you should start off by focusing on one control stick until you master it and then work the two of them as you continue to gain confidence. After you have learned the basics of flying the helicopter, you can then start to play around with some old tricks like the figure 8, which is a classic and requires that you learn how to fly the helicopter in any direction regardless of where it is facing.

How to Make a Superhero Cape

You can make a quick cape in 20 minutes or less… maybe even 10. Using a simple household material will save the day and you’ll become your child’s very own superhero!

Tips to Flying a Remote Control Helicopter

There is more to flying a remote control helicopter than you might think. Here are a few basic tips to get you off the ground.

Creative Knitting Projects for Beginners

Wondering what sort of projects are perfect for a beginning knitter? See some suggestions on projects that will help you grow as a knitter, and get you excited to try new things. Step outside the box and learn what fun knitting projects are available for beginners and more experienced knitters.

Safety First! Part 1: A Basic Guide to Handling a Remote Control Boat

While it is true that RC hobbyists enjoy a certain camaraderie with adrenalin junkies we have a tendency to draw the line at physical damage to ourselves and our equipment. This article will give some of the basics for safe play with RC boats.

Coin Collection Tips and Tricks for the Newbies

Different people have different reasons why they start a hobby or a collection. Despite the differences, they all have one common denominator and that is passion. Passion is what drives people to take the hobby seriously. In the beginning though, it is best that you enjoy the process and just think about where would you want to take this after you have already accumulated a good number of great pieces for whatever it is that you are into.