New York Central Hudson Passes the Daylight

New York Central Hudson Passes the Daylight

How to Determine the Value of Your Stamps

Do you know the value of the stamps in your collection? Or have you come across a stamp laying around your home and you want to know if it is valuable? There are several ways to determine the value of a stamp. One way is to use a stamp price guide. These days, there are many price guides available online that can be checked not only to determine the value of a collection but also to stay up to date regarding any changes in stamp price.

10 Good Reasons to Start Sewing

Back in the day, sewing was thought of as an old lady’s job. But thanks to DIY projects, the practice of sewing is coming back. If you haven’t gotten around to sewing, there are plenty of reasons for you to start.

Beginner Woodworking Guide To Prepare and Stain Wood

Preparing wood for staining is easy, but it helps to keep a few important guidelines in mind. First, it is important to thoroughly check the entire surface of the piece to be stained for imperfections and blemishes. Small holes such as nail holes can be filled with wood filler that matches the natural color of the wood.

Casting And Embedding With Clear Polyester Resin

Clear polyester casting resin is pre-promoted and generally requires only the catalyst MEKP to convert it to a solid state. The MEKP can be added at various levels to allow for ambient temperature, required cure time or mass of resin being cured. This resin contains Styrene Monomer and should be treated with care. Styrene Monomer is a known health hazard. Use only in a well ventilated work place, preferably outside in the fresh air.

Laser Engraved Glass – A Brief Introduction

Glass objects have an elegance about them. It could be the texture, wonderful colors, or shape. Regardless of why they attract our attention, these objects often find themselves in our lives as beautiful, functional items. With laser engraving, these beautiful, functional items can have personality and meaning beyond their use.

Six Tips To Improve Photos Of Children

Those of us who have tried to take good photos of children know that once they can walk, a good photo is not as easy to get as a baby lying in its crib. I once took a photo of my 4 year-old, as I pressed the button she decided to go elsewhere. When I looked at the photo, there was no one in it, just furniture.

Where Do I Start to Design A Handcrafted Card?

Starting to design a handcrafted card can be daunting. Where do I start can be your main concern. This article will explore, explain and illustrate various design elements that will have you creating that card in no time. Handcrafted cards are a gift from the heart and it is shown that this cards will be kept and treasured much longer than a store-bought card. Along the way you will find that with a few simple steps, you can become that coveted card creator. The main thing is to have fun while you are creating because after all, you are an artist.

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Child’s Toy Box

What on earth is a parent supposed to do with their child’s toy box when there is no longer a need for toy storage? Learn about some creative uses for that old toy box instead of just throwing it away!

Selling Your Crafts or Projects

Selling your crafts can be easy as 1-2-3 or it can be difficult if you don’t know where or how to start. I have a few suggestions that might just help you on your journey to selling.

Want To Give Face Painting A Try?

Children love face painting, however, as a parent you might not know how to do children’s face painting to a reasonable standard. Hiring a face painter is fine for large parties, however, once your child has sampled face painting for the first time they will usually want it done more often, so it makes sense to learn the basics of face painting so you can do it yourself.