7 Common Mistakes Of Model Railroading And How To Avoid Them When Creating Your Model Railroad

Here are the 7 most common mistakes that are often made in model railroading. By having an awareness of them you will know exactly what to do to avoid making them.

How to Identify Different Types of Picture Framing Mat Boards

Learn about different types of picture framing mat boards. What does acid-free mean and how to tell if the mat board you have chosen is archival and suitable for image curation.

Natural Plant Dyes

There are hundreds of Plants that can be used to dye fabric. This article is a quick over view of dyeing processes.

Top Easiest DIY Wood Working Projects

There are an array of projects that one can create with wood. You can simply make whatever you desire, and the best part is that you can do so regardless of your skill level.

Make Your Old Home Furnishings Functional Again

One interior decorating difficulty is what to do with worn furniture, and by aged furniture, we don’t imply classic or antique. Here we discuss five creative ways to re purpose your old furnishings.

The 3 Main Rules You Must Know In Order To Create Realistic Model Railroad Scenery

In order to create realistic model railroad scenery you must follow the rules of nature. However, before you start to do that, there is the First Rule of scenery to learn, and from which everything else follows.

Traditional Wooden Bookbinding Equipment

Traditional wooden bookbinding equipment is costly. Here is the sort of equipment you will encounter in craft bookbinding, plus some tips as to what to look out for in new equipment.

Good Woodworking Plans

Woodworking can be an awesome hobby. You can create great looking pieces of furniture from simple pieces of wood if you have a good woodworking plan. The better you become at it the better your projects will look.

Wear These Bizzare Haloween Costumes

Halloween ranks among one of the most popular holidays, for both kids and adults and is celebrated in style. What are the party goers wearing for Halloween this year? With Halloween costume ideas ranging from cute and crazy to funky and wild, the stores are great places to bag the perfect Halloween costume and the mystic Halloween decorations.

Singer Treadle Sewing Machines Are a Blast From the Past

Antique treadle sewing machines are very popular among collectors from all over the world. Durable and sturdy, they are prized by modern sewers. Singer treadle sewing machines are valued much like vintage automobiles.