Now That’s A Lot of Smoke!! D&H 302 HO Scale Broadway Limited.

Now That’s A Lot of Smoke!! D&H 302 HO Scale Broadway Limited.

The Basics to Making Melt and Pour Soaps

This article gives information on making your own melt and pour soaps and the supplies needed. I hope to show how easy, fun, and creative this craft can be. Whether for personal use or having your own home based business, melt and pour soaps is something anyone can make.

Learn About the Features and Benefits of the Cricut Expression 2

For those of you who have an inner craftiness and love doing creative, fun activities around the house, the Cricut Expression 2 is definitely something worth taking a look at. In today’s rushed, tech-savvy world you have to admit that it’s kind of fun to actually take some time out and sit down with the family and make something fun, unique, and personal. The Cricut Expression 2 is a great way to get that family time back that you’ve missed for so long as well as make new memories that last a lifetime! With that being said, let’s check out the Cricut and all that it has to offer.

Meet and Learn About the Barbie Dolls of the World

If you chose one person on the street and asked them who Barbie was, they would likely know the answer. Mattel is a famous toy brand and without a doubt Barbie is one of their most prolific lines. Such is the love for Barbie worldwide that Mattel have recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Barbie Dolls Of The World collection. 30 years of one niche line of Barbie Dolls is staggering. They have chosen to celebrate this with the release of Barbie Dolls Of The World Landmark collections items.

Learn the Benefits and Features of the Singer 4423 Model Sewing Machine

If you are a person who is passionate about sewing then the Singer 4423 Duty is a sewing machine that you may want to consider looking into. Having a sewing machine that you can build your creations effectively with is something that any designer or homemaker wants to have. The 4423 has some really great features that can help make your sewing experience a lot more efficient and make sure that the stitches are reliable and secure.

Why Children And Big Kids (Aged 15 to 100) Love 0 Gauge Trains

Previously designed more for toy train models, 0 gauge trains have developed with more attention to detail than operation. In the UK the scale is commonly known as 1:43.5, but in the US it is referred to as 1:48. The interesting thing is; 0 gauge trains have also become very popular for collecting vintage sets from the World War era. Read more…

Important Features for Coin Software

Coin collectors are an avid and passionate bunch, yet for all their knowledge and fervor there is still something to be said for using coin software. This article discusses some of the useful features for professionals and amateur collectors alike.

Knit One, Bead One

Maybe you know everything about beaded knitting? Maybe not. Well… even if you know little about either beads or knitting, I hope you will enjoy the story of my journey with this beautiful craft. Weaving through the learning curve of my first knitting efforts – and failures and successes – to finally becoming a proficient and prolific bead knitter, my story invites you to ‘walk’ beside me along my memory’s path.

Learn About the Features and Benefits of the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine

Calling all people who love to sew, attention to all people who sew, this one’s for you! If you are someone who sews for a hobby or as a career then you know the importance of a good sewing machine. It has to be precise, easy to manage, and make the creations that you see in your mind come to life right before your eyes. Well allow me to introduce you to the Singer 4423 a sewing machine perfect for veteran sewers and novices as well! This sewing machine will not only blow your mind, it will assist you in making the clothes and fabrics that you love!

DCC Fitted Trains Are Meant To Run On A DCC Layout For A Reason

Every decade or so something comes along to revolutionize the world of model railroads. Without doubt the biggest changes in recent times have included Seamoss trees, lightweight filler, die-cast period cars, static grass, and digital command control. DCC fitted trains are ones that are compatible with DCC systems that send digital signals throughout the railing of track, with less wiring.

These Tiny Z Scale Locomotives And Model Trains Can Fit Anywhere

If you are looking for some of the smallest trains on the market then Z scale locomotives will work perfectly for you. These little engines are 1/220 of the size of real trains that they are modeled after. These tiny things can fit anywhere, from a briefcase to a wreath for Christmas time. Z scale locomotives can be incorporated into nearly everything you see due to their small size. This leaves a lot of room for creativity and designing layouts to fit anywhere. Read more.