NYC Subway “Parade of Trains” at Brighton & Kings Hwy (9/18/2022)

NYC Subway "Parade of Trains" at Brighton & Kings Hwy (9/18/2022)

Building Your Very Own Remote Control Helicopters

Helicopter model building has been around since even before the first successful remote control helicopters took flight in West Germany in 1968. Soon afterwards, the craft of model building included almost any moving vehicle like monster trucks, jets, prop planes, and even speedboats.

14 Ways To Heat Emboss

Heat embossing can be an elegant addition to your stamped projects. It adds dimension, texture and sparkle. You can Heat Emboss; card stock, Designer Series Papers, Glossy White card stock, vellum, brads, On Board chipboard, and so much more!

For The Love of the Knit

The beauty of knitting is its universal language. Women and surprisingly some men are joined by that language in a way that transcends words. It is an expression of art. It captures the beauty of every culture through different patterns. Travel the world over and you can find knitting patterns that are unique to that region.

Knitting A Stylish Cardigan or Shrug

Shrugs are quite a popular fashion accessory in the spring and summer months, and finding colorful delicate shrug knitting patterns is a fairly easy task. The bright colors of spring and summer make for such a delightful variety of choices. Knitters should note that lighter yarn should be used for a shrug designed and tailored for any summer month patterns.

How To Choose the Right Type of Craft Paint for Wood Crafts

Painting wood crafts can be fun and very profitable at the same time. Knowing what supplies to buy such as what type of craft paint is not difficult to buy once you know what kind and how to buy.

Knitting With Angora Yarn

Plymouth Angora yarn is a 100% Angora fur. It is a beautiful ultra soft yarn that contains no fillers. It is made in small elegant balls of yarn that are 49 yards long. It is extremely soft to the touch. Plymouth Angora yarn is excellent to use in making newborn baby booties, sweaters, and hats.

Why Our Nation Is Still Charmed by Hornby Model Railways

Hornby as you very well know are probably the most successful UK brands in the modelling market sector. They’ve been around for many years and are still as popular as ever with young children and adults alike.

Hand Painted Rocks Make Beautiful One of a Kind Gifts – How I Started Painting Rocks

If you have ever wanted to paint and thought, “I’m just not artistic enough,” THINK AGAIN!!! With all the art supplies and craft stores around every corner today anyone can paint. Stencils make it easy to paint and with a little practice you can make beautiful pieces of art for your home, garden, or to give as one of a kind handmade gifts. Come along with me as I take you on a little tutorial of how to paint on rocks. It’s inexpensive, easy, and well, just plain fun for anyone who tries. You just can’t mess it up, and if you do, start over again. It’s that simple. I think as children we love to color for a reason, it’s fun and children are full of imagination. As adults, painting can take over as the expressive outlet to the coloring we loved to do as kids – oh – and kids love to paint too! Go ahead and give it a try… what have you got to lose, a rock???

Cross-Stitch – X Marks the Spot

Cross-stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery in which the stitches are X-shaped to form a pattern or a picture and has maybe been used to make a map to a hidden treasure but that’s it. Cross-stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery.

Sustainable Living: DIY Weekend Projects That Can Save You a Fortune for Life

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earths natural resources. Reducing ones “Carbon Footprint” although a primary concern of those individuals attempting to lead such a lifestyle it is not there sole concern.