O Gauge Train POV!

O Gauge Train POV!

Choosing The Right Knitting Needle For Your Project

This article outlines what to look for in a great knitting needle. It discusses the composition of knitting needles, and which one to choose when starting your project.

Flight School – Electric RC Airplanes

There’s no doubt that flying an RC airplanes can give you quite a thrill. Maybe not the same as that you would experience when flying for real, but still it is quite exhilarating and exciting to have control of a working airplane, albeit a small one. If you’re just getting started then you have two choices of engines when choosing your first plane.

Fans of RC Airplanes Now Have Cold War Era Model in U-2 Spy Plane

One of the great things about RC modeling is that the hobby has something that appeals to everyone. Many enthusiasts are primarily interested in RC airplanes based on actual military models, particularly WW II aircraft. Now the Cold War era has its very own historical model, the U-2 Spy Plane from Phase 3.

The Modern Knitter

If you were asked to picture a lady who is knitting, what would you envisage? Most people would respond by saying that they see an older woman, most likely retired, sitting with a ball of wool on her lap with Coronation Street on in the background. Unfortunately, there is far more to modern knitting circles than the grannies making baby booties but still the stereotype inexplicably persists!

Quilting and Blocks

When making quilts,while there are many different techniques, there are some basic rules that never change! The quarter-inch seam is the most important,followed by proper pressing techniques.

Quilting As an Art

These days, I create quilts of my own design in colors that I like not necessarily those that others would choose. I add applique and machine embroidery when inspired, and use quilt making as my main creative expression.

Shop Smart for a Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner, then purchasing a model with all the bells and whistles might not be in your best interest. Often when we start out learning a new skill there is a learning curve, and in that curve we either excel, or move on to the next thing. If your future spins more to the later of the two, purchasing an inexpensive beginner model is always advised. For a beginner–make sure sewing is really what you want to do.

The Where’s and What’s of Metal Detecting

We can enjoy many ways to put metal detectors into action as a hobby. Patience and knowledge of your surroundings are the two characteristics of metal detecting that will guarantee your success! Let your mind go to work as you plan your next metal detecting outing.

How To Make Candles Out Of Crayons

Making candles out of crayons can be a fun activity for the family. Children will enjoy the fact that you’re using their used-up or broken crayons to create something new. Just make sure that an adult is doing the wax melting part since we don’t want anyone getting burned.

Clearing Your Craft Clutter

Clearing our crafting clutter is an important part of sorting out our minds and clearing out thought processes to let for inspiration and creativity to blossom. There are two main ways we can clear out clutter; for quick results to get onto the next important project, we can do an emergency clear. Once a year we need a more thorough clear out. Here’s some tips to get started.