Christmas Market Fun For The Whole Of The UK

Christmas markets are a feature of most towns and cities in the UK thanks to more people trying to save money in the lead up to the Christmas period. But what exactly happens at these markets which attract millions all over the world?

Finding Your Creativity Through Mixed Media Art

I strongly believe that all of us have an inner need to create – to make something with our hands and believe that we have left something of our life and spirit behind when we leave this world. Creativity can find many forms but it can be frustrating to feel that you can’t draw or paint; that’s where mixed media art comes in. With a few simple tools and materials you can get started and unearth that creative streak.

How To Home Sew – Choosing A Needle

Usually, sewing machine manuals don’t cover enough on the sizes and types of sewing machine needles. You are often left with questions and even when or if you check in the troubleshooting area of your manual, there is nothing on the problems you may be faced with if you are home sewing with the wrong size of sewing machine needle.

How To Make Remote Control Model Planes Using Foam Boards

How to make remote control model airplanes from foam boards is a rewarding model making activity. This article is a brief introduction into how to get started using foam boards and various cutting tools and components to make model aircraft.

How To Sew A Rolled Hem

It does strike me as a bit strange that home sewers the world over want to learn new things for home sewing that something special yet forgot to ask the retailer when they purchased their sewing machines to have this shown to them. Most retailers are only too happy to show the customers due to the fact that they may get an extra bit of a sale from that particular customer.

How Do I Sell On Etsy?

In order to be successful on Etsy, you need to know how to market and sell your goods. No matter what you are selling, the first step is to set up an Etsy shop.

Model Railway Gauges in Britain

All railways, whether real or modeled, have a particular gauge. It’s a simple concept and it means the distance between the two lines of rail. Across the world different gauges are used in modeling, as in real life.

Lionel to Offer Nascar Diecast Models

Lionel is a historic all-American company no less than Chevy and D.C. Comics. Products of all these companies are valuable collectibles that give fantastic investment returns. These companies and their products are especially suited for collecting. The key is not only the quality and durability of the products, but the durability of memories that they create. Collectors do not collect only for investment. For many, that is a happy side benefit.

How to Make a Spellbinders Butterfly Card

This tutorial will show you how to make a Spellbinders butterfly greetings card which you could use as a birthday card or for any other special occasion. This card is easy to make, but sure to make a lasting impression.

Best Selling Etsy Items

With around 4 million items currently for sale on Etsy, finding the best selling items can be a bit of a challenge. Over 250,000 Etsy shops sell handmade, vintage and supply items that lovers of these types of products eagerly buy each day. Etsy has become one of the top places to go for unique, hand crafted or vintage items on the web.