ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! My Story with The Saratoga Corinth & Hudson Railway

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! My Story with The Saratoga Corinth & Hudson Railway

What Are Craft Beads?

Craft beads is a term usually used to describe any item with a hole that is used for decoration purposes. Using beads as decorations is not a new concept. The earliest beads known to man were discovered to have been used about 75,000 years ago.

Different Styles Of Native American Beadwork

Just as there are many different Native American tribes there are many different styles of beadwork. Each tribe has their own distinctive mix of colors and techniques. Items of clothing were decorated using beads. They were also used for ceremonial purposes.

Beadwork Is A Great Stress Reliever

Do you enjoy beadwork? There is something very relaxing about sitting down and designing your own unique jewelry pieces. Young girls can spend hours of fun putting together bracelets and necklaces.

Beadwork Throughout The Ages

If you visit any museum you are bound to see a collection of beadwork on display. In the old days beads were used as a currency. Different cultures throughout the world used stone beads in jewelry and body adornments.

Get Your Kids Busy Doing Beadwork

We all know that little girls love beadwork but so too do little boys until they realize that it is cooler to play football. They may not want to make necklaces but they will like sticking beads into clay.

Use Beads And Crystals To Create Amazing Artwork

If you are creative or looking for a new challenge, why not try using beads and crystals to create amazing artwork? You don’t have to make jewelry although you may find that you get inspired to try. You can use beads to revamp old clothes, add your one unique style to a favorite pair

Use Beads And Crystals To Add The Perfect Touch To Your Table Decorations

When it comes to special occasions, beads and crystals can add that perfect finishing touch to your table decorations. It is easy to put up a beautiful Christmas tree and garlands, but sometimes the table can look like it needs something extra.

Are You Interested In Beadwork?

There has been a recent surge in interest in beadwork. It is relatively easy to see why as it allows people to express themselves in a fun and creative way without costing too much money.

Beadwork Through The Ages

Beadwork is not a new hobby but one that has been around for thousands of years. In fact a recent architectural dig dug up beads that were about 100,000 years old. Beads may have been used as a form of currency when bartering for goods was common and coins as we know them didn’t exist.

What Are The Different Types Of Craft Beads?

There are many different types of craft beads available in the shops today. Most people will use glass at least to start with as it is available in a range of colors, sizes and is relatively inexpensive. Children will tend to use either glass or plastic beads when making their necklaces or bracelets.