Railfanning at Secaucus Junction on the Lower level during morning rush hour

Railfanning at Secaucus Junction on the Lower level during morning rush hour

Tips for Cutting Out the Pieces for Your Handmade Quilt

When you decide to create a lovely handmade quilt, each step along the way is equally important in assuring that the finished quilt will be beautiful. Cutting your quilt pieces accurately and precisely is especially important in the look of your completed quilt. If the quilt pieces are not cut correctly, you will end up with quilt blocks that are difficult to sew together and the seams do not match like they should.

Keep Your Handmade Quilt Beautiful

Considering all of the time and expense in creating a lovely handmade quilt, special care should be take so that it will last for a lifetime and be something you will be proud to use in your home for many years to come. A few simple steps will assure your quilt will be as beautiful in years to come as it was the day it was completed.

Cocoknits: Inspiring Your Creations

Julie Weisenberger grew up in Austria and had a passion for knitting designs early on. She studied in Austria, and while there, learned how to knit at a shop in town. When she arrived back in the U.S., she had a passion for knitting and wanted to develop knitting designs of her own.

Wren House

A wren is a little brown bird with a long pointy beak and a long tail. Houses are different for different species.

Birdhouses – Build One

Building a birdhouse isn’t all that hard. You can start from a kit, or with 7 pieces of wood.

Using Your Own Drawings and Doodles to Make a Pattern to Sell

You have a great product in your mind, you have drawn a few ideas out and now you are ready to start on something tangible. How do you get your product from the doodles to the real deal?

What Is Birding?

This is a hobby enjoyed by millions of Americans across the country. People of all ages spend their time looking for and enjoying the sights and sounds of birds. There are about 654 bird species in United States, and over 10,000 species worldwide. Each of these birds has its own plumage and special calls, so there is lots of variety to hear and see.

Knitting and Financing: Where’s The Disparity?

Ever since I was a child, it has always bothered me why certain disparities between men and women exist when it has long ago been established by the Almighty that every human being has been created equal. More often than not, men were the most privileged. They were allowed to go to school and take up courses, which included engineering, education, architecture, and the likes.

Pursue A New Hobby Of Learning To Sew Doll Clothes

Learning to sew doll clothes is now a favorite hobby. Besides sewing for dolls is a great activity. It makes great gifts for youngsters and it could also be a way to create extra income. One can do it in spare time and at home. One could use left over fabric you have lying about so it doesn’t need to be costly.

Envision Yourself Creating a 15th Century Castle or a Roman Amphitheatre With Your Own Hands

Consider building a 15th century castle or a Roman Amphitheatre with your own two hands. Craft enthusiasts will discover this die stone helps them produce numerous models.