Railfanning CN, CP, VIA Rail & Exo at Dorval, QC (5/15/2023)

Railfanning CN, CP, VIA Rail & Exo at Dorval, QC (5/15/2023)

Challenge Coins – Military Origins

Sometimes, military traditions carry over into civilian life in a big way. One of the traditions that has crossed over recently has been the creation and collection of challenge coins. What are challenge coins? They are coins that are custom made, with an organization’s insignia, emblem, or other personal message stamped on them. They are usually a larger size than standard currency coins, and to receive one is typically regarded as a great honor.

Choosing a Quilt Binding

Choosing a quilt binding for your baby quilt should be done once the quilt is assembled.  It is difficult to make a decision on what type of fabric should be used and how it will look on the quilt.

Unique and Practical Uses for Vinyl Lettering in Regards to Toddlers

I was a toddler. I had many toys that needed to have my name on them and there again my good and faithful sharpie did the trick just fine. But when the next kid got the toys in donation my name was on every single toy.

Making Wreaths Is One of the Traditional Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft ideas involving wreaths isn’t new as people have been making them for centuries. They can be made from various different materials with Holly and Ivy being the most traditional.

Christmas Craft Ideas Using Embroidery

Using embroidery for Christmas Craft ideas is traditional in some countries. There is something really special about a well decorated table particularly during the holiday season. Some people like the traditional effect and will sew an old fashioned theme based around Holly, Ivy and snowflakes while others, mainly those with families, will use Santa and his reindeer or Christmas trees and stockings for inspiration.

Stuck For Ideas For Your Jewelry Design?

If you are stuck for inspiration on your next jewelry design, why not head to your local library and take out some books on bygone eras. Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and other icons never go out of fashion and they were often adorned with jewels. Having a look through these old pictures may just hit the creative switch in your brain.

Using Beads for Your Jewelry Design

When working on your first jewelry design it can be difficult knowing which materials to choose. Beads are a good place to start particularly if you begin with a relatively uncomplicated design. Stringing beads onto string has been done for centuries and at one point beads formed the currency used by more than one country.

Have The Right Tools For Your Jewelry Design Projects

If you want to do jewelry design you will need the right tools. But before you jump in and buy the most expensive ones on the market, try to work with some cheap ones first to see if jewelry designing is for you. Only when you have decided that this is going to be a long term hobby or even a new business, do you have to buy the professional tools.

Get Your Kids Involved in Jewelry Design

Little girls tend to love playing with beads and will probably have a few jewelry design ideas of their own. Little boys may not want to make bracelets and necklaces but most enjoy playing with beads and other trinkets at least for a short while. You have to be careful that they don’t swallow the beads so don’t leave them unattended even if only for a few minutes.

Jewelry Design Isn’t Just For the Rich

Someone said necessity is the mother of invention and when it comes to jewelry design this is very true. How many times have you needed a special piece to go with an outfit but haven’t had the time or perhaps the money to go shopping for it. Jewelry is very personal and everyone has their own taste.