Rechipping my Rivarossi HR2007 New York Central Hudson #5438

Rechipping my Rivarossi HR2007 New York Central Hudson #5438

Match Attax Extra 2012 – 2013

This will be the latest information about the new Match Attax Extra 2012 – 2013 collection. You will be able to learn here what exactly to expect from this new collection from Topps.

Wooden Barrels for Model Ships

So once again, the ship model builder must learn a new trade. The Cooper worked in a cooperage making barrel after barrel.

7 Secrets to Perfectly Stamped Images

Learn 7 important tips for getting perfectly stamped images every single time you rubber stamp! There is nothing more rewarding than creating and giving a handmade card or gift to someone. You want to be proud of the card or gift, even if you’re not a perfectionist!

Which Clothing Works Best for Embroidery?

Choosing the right clothing to embroider is an important decision in determining how well your finished embroidery is going to look. Differences in fabric and construction can play a big part in the way your stitches will sew.

Make Your Own Homemade Natural Products

It’s much easier than you think to make your own homemade products. Whether you are trying to save money or go green, making natural goods is a money-saving and satisfying activity. So, roll up your sleeves and starting making your own natural products. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Belaying Pins For Ship Models

A belaying pin is a solid wood or metal object used to secure lines of running rigging. They were made of hardwood, usually locust, and sometimes bronze, iron, or brass. Metal pins of the size needed would be massively heavy. Cast metal would not have been able to withstand the stress.

How to Make a Hem With a Sewing Machine

Using your sewing machine for hemming can make the process both fast and professional looking in terms of the finish. Ideally, you will want your hem to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Quilters Have Piece-Filled Lives

We all know that quilts tell a story – each one unique. Maybe it’s a story of celebrating friendship, the birth of a child, a weight-loss accomplishment, comfort for someone in need, or celebrating the strength, spirit, and courage of a pediatric oncology ward. With a sizable selection of scraps and pieces to work from, it would be fair, and a bit tongue-in-cheek, to say quilters have piece-filled lives! So, when life gives you scraps, find your peace within the pieces, and create a quilt!

Woodworking Crafts And Your Children

Woodworking is a great hobby for the whole family since everyone can be involved in some part of it, even your children (call me old school, but I can’t bring myself to call them “kids;” a kid is a baby goat, after all). And as a hobby, no one in your family will really outgrow it because woodworking is only limited by your and your child’s imagination.

How To Etch Glass In 3 Minutes

Creating the frosty look of etched glass is now easier than ever and involves a six step process that takes about 3 minutes! The process is not only easy it is safe. The results are treasures that will be loved by your family for years.