Scenic Train in Sri Lanka Railways

Scenic Train in Sri Lanka Railways

Tips for Designing Your Purse Pattern – Avoid Making a Wonky Bag

A beautiful purse begins with a beautiful purse pattern. Your purse pattern is like a road map or a floor plan. Before you can create your purse you need to have an idea of how you would like it to look. A simple sketch will do for starters and from there you will begin to build your bag on paper.

What Equipment Will I Need for Knitting?

If you want to start knitting, you may think you’ll need lots of fancy equipment but this is not true. All you really need to start is a ball of yarn and some knitting needles! The more experienced you become the ore types of yarns and sizes of needle you can collect. However, to start with, this article will give you a little information on the types of equipment needed to enjoy knitting.

Quick ‘n Easy DIY Metal Wine Rack Projects For The Absolute Newbie

Did you know that you can turn tin cans and steel rods into a homemade wine rack? Learn how in this easy to follow article.

All About The Different Uses Of Candles

Candles, huh? One of the most awesome, oldest inventions that we still use today. Somehow, no matter how advanced we become, there is little substitute for the magic of candles.

Floppy Bags – Tips for Making Your Purse Firm

How do you add body to a floppy purse? It’s a question many bag makers want to know. There are several answers that can help you achieve the firm look you are hoping for with your handmade purse.

Hobby Shops Are Even Popular Amongst the Celebrity Crowd

All sorts of people are frequenting Hobby shops these days, including celebrities. Take a look at some celebrities’ interests in collections and hobbies.

5 Reasons NOT To Pass Up Cross Stitch

Thanks to age, gender and narrow interests, cross stitch is continuously boxed into a narrow niche market that robs so many of experiencing this most rewarding of past times. With this article, I hope to debunk 5 of the most common excuses given for passing up their potential new favourite hobby.

3 Ways You Can Take Advantage of Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery digitizing services provide you with ease that you need to create customized and great looking shirts and caps. In this article, we’ll show you three ways to take advantage of these services.

Embroidery Digitizing – Past, Present, and Future

Are you interested in learning about the past, present, and future of embroidery digitizing? If so, check out the article below!

How to Make a Rag Quilt – The Easy Way!

Sewing any quilt can be intimidating, especially if you have never sewn. But if you have access to a sewing machine and you can sew a straight line, then making a rag quilt is EASY! Literally, sewing a straight line is the only talent you need to make your own beautiful quilt.