SEPTA Trains & More at 30th Street Station (10/18/22)

SEPTA Trains & More at 30th Street Station (10/18/22)

Teaching Simple Origami Projects To Your Kids

It is difficult to accurately pinpoint the origins of origami and the actual birthplace remains a mystery. The creative art of transforming an ordinary piece into a complex or simple origami shape is centuries old and continues to be a fascinating pastime for both young and old today.

Train Model Sets

Childhood memories are tugging at your thinking to rediscover the adventures of train model sets. If you are anything like me your probably spent time standing at a train stop watching freight cars passing in review. I would count each car while I waited. It was not uncommon for the engine to be towing 150 cars or more.

Quilting and Sewing – Why Use a Treadle or Hand Crank Sewing Machine

If you enjoy quilting or sewing, or just want to learn how to, then a treadle and/or hand crank sewing machine may be just right for you. There are many valuable reasons to use these wonderful pieces of history.

How to Use Crafting To Save and Make Money

During our lives, we all hit times when we need to make an extra few dollars. If you have any crafting skills, this is a good way to save some money in your budget or make some welcome cash. Crafts such as jewellery making, building doghouses or knitting clothing can be learned easily and quickly and there is some good money to be made from it, if you have some spare time.

Saint Patrick’s Day Ribbon Rainbow

Nowadays, Saint Patrick’s Day has turned into a day of fun and frivolity, so why not make a fun craft with ribbon with your family? Here’s a simple, but cute craft to put your family in the Irish spirit.

10 Things to Do and Make With Wipeable Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are a popular and practical household item, creating an easy-to-clean surface for the table that often looks better than the table itself. Despite their name, wipeable tablecloths do not have to be kept solely for the dining room table. If you have an old plastic tablecloth that needs replacing or you simply want something fun and crafty to do with the kids at the weekend, here are 10 creative things to make and do with PVC tablecloths.

Railroad Benchwork – 16 Must Do Secrets That Will Keep You From Derailing Your Railroads Benchwork!

What is your railroads benchwork; it is the structure that supports and gives character to your model railroad set up. All of your railroads equipment from the tracks, buildings and scenery is supported by your benchwork. And the railroad that goes up a hill or down to a mountain lake is created from your benchwork. How your benchwork is made will depend on what type of railroad layout you want to create.

Making Your Own Lip Balm Labels

There are so many different ways to create the perfect lip balm label. Learn how to create a custom label from your home computer.

Picture Framing Classes Teach How To Frame Pictures

Learn how to frame your pictures by attending a picture framing course. This article outlines the types of picture framing classes available and what sort of information they contain.

How To Use A Utility Knife To Trim Picture Framing Mat Boards

Cutting Picture Frame Matting is easy when you know how to use a Utility Knife properly. You can cut the mat board in several passes if it is the external cut but if you are cutting a mat window on a 45 degree angle you must cut it in one pass.