SIR R44 Local at Great Kills

SIR R44 Local at Great Kills

How Can I Apply Tailored Finishing and Blocking in My Home Knitted Garment?

I recommend using this method in assembling, blocking, and finishing fitted garments such as dressy blouses, dresses (one or two-piece), and suits made of wool or similar yarns. This method is a skilled operation and a basic knowledge of dressmaking and tailoring is extremely useful. Each piece of the garment is blocked separately and then assembled by basting the pieces together with wool yarn.

How to Make a Bracelet Using Charm Beads

A lot of people have started to use charm beads to design their own bracelet. They do this because it allows them to create something that is unique. If you went to a store to buy a bracelet you would be getting one that a lot of other people have already bought. This is not an issue when you design your own.

Understanding the Types of Dollhouse Kits

Are you preparing to buy your first dollhouse kit, and aren’t sure which of the hundreds of options are right for you? First, you’ll want to know whether you are looking for a house for a child or for an adult collector, as they are built differently. Children’s dollhouses kits tend have minimal architectural features and are made of thicker wood that will stand up to play.

What Equipment Is Required To Learn Easy Knitting?

Whether we want to admit it or not, knitting is a form of expression. I, for one, can’t even draw a straight line, much less attempt to be an artist, but if you can take yarn and fashion from it a garment that is serviceable and attractive, you have created a masterpiece of practical art (I am able to do this).

How to Decorate a Dollhouse With Miniature Gardens

With spring on its way, you may already have spotted some blooms outside. With the changing of the seasons comes the time to brighten up your dollhouse. Take your cue from the great outdoors and add some colorful flowers, instantly reawakening the house after the winter months.

Model Railroading – 10 Great Tips For Creating Water Features For Your Model Railroad Scenery

Regardless of the model railroad scenery that you can create, water features will probably be a part of it, unless you are creating a desert scene. Here are 10 model railroad scenery techniques to help you create realistic streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, ocean beaches and shorelines.

What Is Money Origami?

Money Origami is a fun and enjoyable pastime that anyone can enjoy for as little expense as one dollar. We have all heard the expression, “More Bang for Your Buck.” Not only is money origami inexpensive, you also get to keep your money.

Fancy Paper Jewelry

Everybody knows that amazing things can be created out of paper, from handmade invitations to dresses, all finding their place in the magical world of paper. But as imagination has no limits, some of us have unleashed their creativity and created something new and amazing… paper jewelery!

Containers For Candles

Choose a heat resistant container such as Mason jars which are heavy and designed to withstand high heat. They are hard to break and can be refilled many times. Most of these jars are beautifully embossed with patterns, which makes them ideal for gift-giving.

Simple Kirigami Patterns for Beginners and Children

Kirigami is the art of paper cutting that anyone can do. It’s a creative craft for everyone in the family.