Sony VHS Test: Railfanning at Scarborough

Sony VHS Test: Railfanning at Scarborough

Admiralty Style Ship Models

Admiralty style ship models were built by ship builders from the 15th to the 19th century. They served as a design aid for the engineers, a simulator for those responsible for operating the vessel and as a “show and tell” display to be used for those raising funds from investors.

The Joy of Making Halloween Crafts

Whenever I am looking for great craft ideas I typically turn to one place first, and that is Martha Stewart. She has the best craft ideas and truly makes Halloween a special occasion. She makes everything from adorable treat bags to elaborate spooky wreaths and even simple crafts such as Halloween ornaments and balloons.

Postage Stamp Collecting – How to Determine the Value of Your Stamp?

Stamps play a vital part of every nation’s culture and history. They are printed to honor various events, persons, icons and symbols. Other than being a fun hobby to do, it proves to be a very valuable one.

Greeting Cards by Kids – Make Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards and More With Kids

Making greeting cards with kids is a fun and rewarding arts and crafts project! Learn how to make customized, personal greeting cards with your kids and get ideas for creating thank you cards, birthday cards, and more.

A Quick Overview of the Brother PC-420 Sewing Machine

Looking for a fully featured computerized sewing machine? The Brother PC-420 Project Runway Limited Edition has a lot to offer.

Benefits Of HO Model Railroading

Anyone that has had any type of introduction to model railroading will know that it is one of the more creative hobbies out there. The amount of decisions you need to make between the layouts, scenery, locomotives among other things will guarantee that by the time you finish your project you will truly have a layout that is a reflection of your own personal vision.

The Many Life Skills Model Railroading Can Teach

While browsing around in the model railroading community on forums and sites like Twitter I have noticed many adult males ask a particular question. Is model railroading a nerdy activity that is mostly aimed at children? To answer this simply, model railroading is a hobby that is suitable for all ages and can actually teach you many life skills.

Making Birthday Cards With Kids

Do you want to create custom, personalized greeting cards with your kids? Making cards with kids is a fun and easy craft project.

GOLD! Tracking The Elusive Yellow

There are very few articles that actually direct you to their secret gold hunting methods. Oh yes there are plenty of suggestions in the many books and videos’ that will help and most are correct as far as they go. My goal is not to besmirch these helpful tools, but to add to this information.

Beginner’s Guide for Flying RC Helicopters

If you like aircrafts and flying, you can now easily have pleasure in your pssion to make it your interest. The RC (radio-controlled) helicopters can easily be bought in the market and they are really very affordable. Don’t worry in case you have never done this, managing these RC helicopters is not hard and you may quickly learn with a few tutorials and basic guidelines. You can even learn the fundamental functions and capabilities of the aircraft in a couple of minutes with this beginner introduction, you can discover how a RC helicopter works and how you can operate it to be able to fly your own handheld remote control helicopter.