Spring Thaw Model Show

Spring Thaw Model Show

How Native American Horse Hair Pottery Is Made

If you are interested in displaying this beautiful pottery in your home, you will find that there are many pieces available. Many people think of vases and pots when they think of pottery, but these aren’t the only options that you will find. You will also find beautiful pieces of pottery shaped like animals or Indian figurines. The swirling, smoke-like designs are one of a kind and represent this unique and special art form.

Beading Patterns Make Life Easier

There are so many different types of beads on the market that you will actually make your life much easier by using beading patterns. The people who write the patterns have tested the designs using the recommended materials and will usually publish a picture of their results. You can work confidently knowing that once you follow the pattern your results should be similar.

Use Beading Patterns To Add Flair To Your Wedding

Every bride wants their big day to be extra special so why not consider using beading patterns to add some extra flair? With everything else you have to plan you are probably wondering why you should burden yourself with making these items rather than buying the commercial alternatives.

Beading Patterns Are Not Just For Jewelry

Some people believe that beading patterns exist just for making jewelry but this is far from the truth. Beadwork is an ever expanding craft with people using beads in all types of circumstances.

Christmas Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Home This Season

Christmas craft ideas can really turn your home into a winter wonderland this year. If decorating your home for the season usually means a tree and perhaps a wreath on the door you are not alone. Most people have no idea how to brighten up their hall and other rooms in their home.

Traditional Edible Christmas Craft Ideas

If you are looking for some traditional Christmas craft ideas have you thought about making some sugar mice. These fondant sweets are fairly easy to make once you have the right mold and the kids will love them. In fact the hardest part will be not eating them before the holiday season even starts.

Jewelry Design Is Supposed To Be Fun, Not A Source Of Stress

If you are losing sleep over a jewelry design you need to take a chill pill. The whole idea of designing your own jewelry whether to wear yourself or to sell is so that you have complete control over the end product. You should be enjoying yourself and stretching your creative juices not increasing your blood pressure.

Do You Use Modern Or Antique Beads In Your Jewelry Design?

What types of beads do you use in your jewelry design? If you have only been using those that you can buy from local craft shops or via the internet you are missing out on a whole treasure trove of opportunity.

Jewelry Design Means Making Tough Decisions

When working on your jewelry design you will be faced with some tough decisions. Sometimes we fall in love with raw materials only to find that our budget just won’t stretch that far. On others we find the exact color bead we need but it is not the right material or we cannot find enough of the same color to make the design work.

Starting Out As A Model Railroad Hobbyist And What You Need To Know

Railway modeling has been around ever since people began building railways. Perhaps the biggest difference today from the very beginning of modeling is that electricity is involved. These days there are plenty of choices and options for the model railroad hobbyist to consider. Read more.